The field of art welcomes every talented person with open arms and gives recognition without any discrimination. Anyone who can express his creative thoughts or emotional experiences is technically considered as an artist. Well, people can be multi talented. The reason they are able to master more than one art is solely because of practice and passion. There are people who can actually do multiple things, but are not able to master all because of lack of interest in more than one field. Id say you should give everything a shot. You never know what you might naturally be good at doing

Here is one of the notable person of our generation who has not limited his creative talent for a single form of art ‘Mayjah Payne’.As a talented lyricist and charismatic performer, Marc Payne proves to be one of Hollywood’s most promising talents as an artist, producer, and storyteller. Growing up in the diverse streets of Los Angeles, Marc Payne’s authentic and creative lyrics over the quality production is timeless.  Payne uses Hip-Hop as his way to speak his truth. Marc Payne’s recent project Pleasure N’ Payne broke CMJ’s Top 10 for the Hip Hop college charts! Two of his recent recordings, “Too Fast & Hype” received placement on Showtime’s “The L Word”, while another song, “Against The Clock” featured on “Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger!” As The West Kept Secret encourages, “The key is finding balance through your Pleasure’s N’ Paynes.”

Mayjah Payne releases his new animated music video “Maxxxed” (Money) off his chart topping “In A Mayjah Way” that came out earlier this year. The beat is produced by @Jhawkproductions and mixed by @Longlivpablo Pablo Productions. Reactoons TV put together the cartoon. Watch the video now and check out Mayjah Payne on his website

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