So Saucy takes the flavor of an up-tempo after-hours banger mixed with heavy kick drums and haunting ethereal sounds. Impossible not to nod along when this stripper pole anthem kicks off with the heavily tuned 808s, ratchet drill hats, and minor melodic and iced-out atmospheric pads. 

The chorus “Diamonds in Here Necklace, Rooftop Flexin” paints a picture of a late-night helicopter ride in the city after a long night of hard partying at the shady strip club. This subliminal and somewhat instructional chorus will be most effective in making the dollars rain for the foreseen future.

First Verse has Rick Ross starting with perfect pocket timing right on the edge of the chorus. A bell rings as he starts and your mind is immediately tuned in and in awe of the talent and professionalism of Ross’s verse and even Ad Libs. Ross delivers his bars leaving a word puzzle that has your mind catching up as the ad-libs re-enforce his storytelling.

By the time the second chorus comes on you will easily have remembered the words and your crew will be singing along.

MC Jonny T nails the second verse with his flow kicking off reminiscent of Shock G’s most memorable introduction. Time signature changes and pushing and pulling the speed of this flow are Jonny T’s rhythmic style on this track. MC Jonny T provides a grown-up vibe while giving the thick plus-size ladies a shout-out. This warm and welcoming vibe will be certain to bend the rules and celebrate indulgent behavior (to be enjoyed loudly).

This club track finishes off with a smoothed-out organ solo that has an automated tremolo effect. Short but sweet at just over 3 minutes, this new release from MC Jonny T is gonna shake your club, bbq, or even your momma’s Aux hole in that broke ass Kia.


MC Jonny T has stood for greatness through an Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop style. His musical presentation reflects and he is lyricism and he is very intentional with his choice of words, eloquence in writing, and recording music.

Over the course of the last year, MC Jonny T has released music with legendary features that include Ras Kass, Capadonna from the Wu-Tang Clan, JTLR, and most recently Rick Ross. To that end, you can undoubtedly expect each release from MC Jonny T to be a certified banger.

Listen to So Saucy here:

Spotify – So Saucy (Radio Edit) – song and lyrics by MC Jonny T, Madd Scientist, Rick Ross


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