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MediaU: An Emerging Platform for Emerging Talent



MediaU, a new edtech venture, has officially launched. Founded by former Disney and National Geographic executive Adam Leipzig, MediaU aims to train both new and experienced generations in the art of media. MediaU focuses on both the film industry, social media platforms, television, and more, offering an extensive education for participants on how to operate the media landscape.

The idea to create MediaU started in 2018 and has accelerated due to the pandemic and increased demand for practical, online learning. While MediaU is not the first company to offer online courses, it is unique in that it is both affordable and directly opens doors to career pathways post-completion. It is designed for those curious to get started in the entertainment industry, as well as those looking to climb and expand within their careers by learning new skills. Courses offered at MediaU can help members find their niche within the industry, such as directing, producing, marketing, storytelling, talent representation, and more.

Online education is vital now more than ever. A positive of the pandemic is that people are now seeking practical ways to achieve lifelong goals or grow in their passions. Because of this, online education is now a 32 billion dollar annual market, with online film/television/media education coming in at 16 billion dollars, growing approximately 10-12% per year. MediaU has estimated that it will be cash-flow positive in just its second year of full operation, forecasting revenues of 29 million dollars in year three and 67 million dollars by year five.

While MediaU is still a new company, they have many plans to expand and grow in the near future. One of their main strategies to grow is by focusing on the participants at hand. By putting participants in the spotlight, MediaU is focused on standing out from the competition by giving members the highest quality learning experience possible. To do this, MediaU has partnered with industry professionals from various fields, all of who have worked with every major studio, TV network, streaming platform, or academic institution. This skilled group of advisors sets MediaU apart from the others, as they ensure the platform is filled with knowledgeable, diverse professionals to guide members to success.

In addition to leaning on a robust team of advisors to bring in participants, MediaU also relies on the fact that the entertainment industry always is looking for experienced and knowledgeable professionals. It is a market in itself that is always growing and expanding. MediaU is beneficial to both the participants and the industry as a whole. While members have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the industry, employers of entertainment companies get to hire knowledgeable individuals that are prepared to jump into the thick of production due to MediaU’s education. Within the entertainment market, there is always a need for skilled individuals.

MediaU’s mission is to make the entertainment industry more accessible and diverse. One way in which they are achieving this goal is by creating partnerships with entertainment companies from around the globe. MediaU recently announced a partnership with FILAMA, a Saudi Arabian film, and theater production company. This partnership allows MediaU to grow its network and connect Saudi filmmakers with the MENA region.
Other partnerships are vital to MediaU’s mission to help participants take their knowledge from the classroom to the studio. One major collaboration is with the Slamdance Film Festival, which offers members the chance to network and potentially have their films viewed by new audience members. In addition to connections with various film companies, MediaU values partnerships with enterprises, government, and affinity groups, recognizing the versatile need for media in various types of organizations.

MediaU is an emerging platform for emerging talent. It is reimagining the way people view education and is the link between someone’s aspirations and their career. By giving practical courses on how to operate the media landscape, participants are finding their path, gaining knowledge, and getting hired.

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