Henny West is a well-known producer and also a multi-talented songwriter and musical artist. He is a rapper as well. He’s from the city of Carson California. He started rapping from a young age. He also got gigs so that he can buy the music equipment and is a true music lover from the age of 15 and started rapping at the age of 16. He started making beats on MPC 2000 XL recording. And it was a 12 track digital recorder. Henny West also continues to buzz with outstanding talent. As he is born in a family that is full of musicians, this is the reason that he loves the music a lot and his musical raising becomes energetic.

About Music:

His music is mostly hip hop and raps. The albums of the Henny west music are listed as following:-

·   1440

·   Story 11 Tell

·   Show me the light.

After 20 years in this profession, he completes his latest project 1440. 1440 presents the number of minutes in a day.  This is an amazing album and a must to listen album as it presents everyone of us.


Following are the collections of the songs of Henny West:-

·   Hold on (1440-2020)

·   Rose (1440-2020)

·   Sit down (2020)

·   1440 (1440-2020)

·   Survive( 1440-2020)

·   Acting up again (story ii tell-2018)

·   Sins (Show me the light -2019)

·   Why (story ii tell-2018)

·   Chains of the events (show me the light – 2019)

·   Story ii tell (story ii tell-2018)

·   When I came back around (story ii tell 2018)

·   Ghetto (Bout time -2017)

·   Intro (1440 -2020)

·   Love you forever (Bout Time -2017)

·   Lyfe (Bout Time -2017)

·   Slow it down (1440 -2020)

·   High (1440 -2020)

·   Get up (Bout Time _2017)

·   Bout Time (bout time – 2017)

·   Where’s the love in This (Story ii tell _2018) and many more.