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Meet ATL Artist & Producer: Lashia ‘LadyBoomBoxx’ Levins, the Vision Behind Formula Music Entertainment



Atlanta’s Lashia Levins has worked tirelessly to climb the industry ladder as an artist, songwriter, producer, and DJ.

Born into a family with a varied musical heritage, Lashia’s childhood was shaped by the sounds of music, as both her parents were singers. When she was a child, she sang in the church choir and she often accompanied her mother to studios and concerts, watching backstage as her mother sang background for A-listers like Elton John and Maroon 5. 

 With age, her innate ability to play music and her passion for it grew. To sharpen her skills, her mother enrolled her in piano lessons, voice lessons, and performance arts classes to encourage her budding creativity.

“She would also put me in a marching band and buy me all kinds of musical instruments for the house. I would make mixtapes that I would DJ and record music. She didn’t care what it sounded like. She’d play my music in her car,” Lashia recounted. 

Lashia Levins recorded her first professional song in 10th grade with the support and mentorship of her mother and industry professionals. The combination of her angelic voice and intellectual talent, confidence, and charisma make her one of the most exciting musical artists around.

The life of Lashia, although she made her debut as a young artist, is not all roses and sunshine. As a victim of abuse as well as a victim of a tragic car accident, she was subsequently confined to a wheelchair and used a cane for two years before her full recovery from both injuries. Instead of letting those moments define her, she found strength, utilizing the time that she was missing after the accident to study to get a degree in music production and use her experience to prepare for the future. 

“I wrote many songs about situations that I have endured in my life, and without music, I wouldn’t have had an outlet. Every time I was kicked down, I was determined to get back up. I continue to pray and push. A little bit of faith can take you further than you’ve ever imagined. There are always guardian angels around, and I firmly believe that God will always plant your feet in the right place at the right time. You just have to be strong enough to take the first step,” Lashia said.

Aside from music, Lashia is also deeply involved in community development. As a member of the sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA), she has actively participated in a number of community service events that promote education and global health by encouraging clothing drives and collaborating with teachers to promote electronic music production in public schools. Moreover, she also has military experience and has worked closely with the Department of Defense and FEMA to support cities that have been affected by war and major natural disasters.

As a woman in the cutthroat music industry, Lashia Levins continues to push forward in the face of challenges identifying them not as challenges but rather as motivation to keep pushing.

“I’ve been through a lot in this industry, however, I use my pain and healing as motivation,” she said. The industry is looking forward to upcoming projects for Ladyboomboxx and her label The Formula Music Entertainment.


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