For brands and businesses to grow, promotions and marketing need to be utilized efficiently with the current trend in digitalization and growth in social media usage. Many entrepreneurs now see the need to build a solid social media presence for their brands.

One entrepreneur who has harnessed the potential of digital marketing is Ayoub Marchich. The young entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Agency, AlloMyStar project, a digital marketing company that has helped many businesses and brands achieve growth

Also, he helps artists, singers, and social media influencers increase their online presence and grow in their entertainment careers. Ayoub utilizes digital marketing adverts and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, TikTok, and more to reach a wider audience.

In this interview, the young entrepreneur shares his success formula, his inspiration, and how he has been able to overcome life’s challenges and a lot more. 

Here is the brief discussion we had;

How would you describe yourself?

I am an entrepreneur in the marketing industry, mainly digital marketing. I see myself as a motivator for impacting career success. As an entrepreneur, I believe I can help others get on the right track in their pursuit of success.

Why are you invested in digital marketing?

Technology has made marketing a lot easier and faster. You can reach a much wider audience if you apply the right marketing strategies to your business. Nowadays, marketing online helps to achieve better results for all businesses, so this is the best time to profit from it.

How did you make a name for yourself in the marketing industry?

My work speaks for me. I’ve worked with a lot of famous artists and influencers, and they recommend me to others. I don’t hesitate to do a good job when giving opportunities.

How does your business help others?

My agency helps others by creating a platform for growth and development. Since marketing and advertisements are the foundation of any business growth, my business helps others reach a larger audience. Agency helps other brands and businesses by collecting the necessary data and information. We handle the sales part of many companies and help artists, influencers, presenters to achieve their online goals.

What keeps you motivated?  

My family and friends are the reasons why I keep going and getting better. Also, I am privileged to be working with a creative set of people that makes me go beyond my limit. They make me reach heights I didn’t think possible.

What challenges did you face as an entrepreneur? 

The biggest obstacles I faced growing up centered around negativity. A lot of negative people tend to pull you back when you are making progress. I overcame these obstacles by using many online mentors and successful entrepreneurs who have changed my mindset to positive things.

What advice do you give aspiring entrepreneurs?

I urge them to stay focus on their dreams, regardless of the distractions. If you want to get to the top, you should surround yourself with winners and positive-minded people like you. Also, don’t be afraid to bet on yourself and take risks. Get your resources, a mentor, and you are good to go.