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Meet Brian “Essince” Collins, CEO of Royal Heir Entertainment. 



With nothing more than sheer determination and an unmovable faith, Brian “Essince” Collins has become a powerhouse behind the scenes in the music industry. For over a decade Essince, as he is known to the public, has been building his Royal Heir Entertainment empire brick by brick. This extremely proud Honduran-American came from humble beginnings and is an inspiration to anyone who hears his story and he embodies the saying “that it doesn’t matter what life throws at you, you can accomplish whatever you sent your mind to”. Adopted at 6 months old to a family in NorthEast Ohio, he grew up surrounded by love and connected to his Latin roots. He attended a summer camp for adopted children from Latin America which he still as an adult donates time to every summer, among other charitable entities he is and has been a part of.

Essince created his company, Royal Heir Entertainment, to help connect the dots in the music industry especially in his area. Royal Heir Entertainment handles marketing, management, tour construction and management and is the parent company to several media outlets. His markets include the United States as well as Latin America and Asia. Not only helping a wide variety of clients make their dreams a reality, he also shares his knowledge to others by sitting on panels at conferences around the U.S and world. 

Several years ago he decided to add another component to his empire and created Royal Heir Sports and became the owner of an American Basketball Association team, Akron Aviators based out of his hometown of Akron, Ohio. In 2023 he created a 501(c)3, Royal Heir Sports Foundation and accepted an executive role with the ABA as President of Media and Entertainment. 

Brian “Essince” Collins is also a journalist and has done interviews with some of the biggest names in Hip-hop over the years as well as has assisted multiple companies in different aspects which has led him to receive accolades including an RIAA plaque for his assistance on working international superstar Drake’s 6x platinum, critically acclaimed album “Views”. 

One of Essince’s current clients, Zulu Gremlin is a world renowned Break Dancer, Instructor, Hip-Hop Historia, and he will be attending the 2024 Paris Olympics. Zulu Gremlin is the trainer for Team Romania’s Olympic Team. This will be the first time in history that Breakdancing will be a competing sport in the Olympics.  

Essince is the definition of hard work and perseverance. What does the future hold for him? Only time will tell, but it for sure will be epic! Instagram @ItsEssince