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Meet Chuck: The Rising Producer Looking To Conquer The Industry



Hello my name is Leap Charlie Ngoal however, most know me as Chuck The Producer. During my childhood, growing up as a first generation immigrant, I was raised on the East End of Portland, Maine. This area was a hotbed for low-income housing, poor schools and high crime. Yet, unlike all my other friends in the neighborhood who went to average, government-funded public schools in the area, I had the privilege of attending one of the most prestigious private schools in the nation on a scholarship and it was located directly on the opposite end of town, on the West End. When I began in the fourth grade, riding the bus each morning from one end to the other, observing the scenery, it dawned on me the income dynamic between the opposite ends. I wanted to live in the West End. That was the start though. My story began as a young 18 year old senior in High school. I started fresh at a new school, after getting expelled from the private school for average academic performance, in a secluded town 20 minutes from my hometown in Freeport, Maine. As the new kid, I didn’t have many friends plus it was my last year, so I focused strictly on music and school. That same year, I had gotten my first placement (Lil 2z – RIP Uncle Holas ft. Trapboy Freddy). It gave me so much confidence to continue and so I did. That following month, I had gotten another placement (P-will – Used To ft. Troy Ave). Ever since that point in my life, I have not looked back striving to build an elite catalogue of hit records by respected artists in the industry. This was indeed the birth of Chuck The Producer.

Describe the moment you knew producing was permanent!

“At a young age my family had quickly taken notice of my love for music. While at home, they noticed me mimicking the piano and drum players from our local church and steadily watched it unfold throughout the years. Although my neighbors had definitely more so heard my love for music than seen it, I was mimicking the pianist and drum players non-stop.That was just the beginning, the seed. This is where it blossomed. While in the 8th grade, I had a close friend who was a serious computer junkie. Although to this day it amazes me how elite his skills were with computers, as entertainment we would spend hours and hours each day on Skype showing each other the latest software for our computers. At that time, I kept it hidden from my peers about love for music. I was scared of being different from all my other friends, who had a love for video games. Coincidentally, one night as we were just chatting he introduced me to FL Studio. He didn’t say much about it other than you should try this. I wasn’t sure about it, I never heard about it, nor did I understand what it was, but I still downloaded it just out of curiosity. After the download was completed, and I double clicked on it to open this unknown software, I instantly knew this was exactly what I had been asking for quietly in the depths of my mind and heart. I became obsessed with learning how to use FL Studio. I sometimes missed out on our consistent nightly Skype sessions furiously attempting to understand how to make beats on it. I built up enough courage one week to make my first beat and from there I knew it was permanent. This was my calling. Chuck had taken his first steps!”

Name 5 Artists you would like the privilege of working with & why

“This is not in order, but the first person that comes to mind that I would love to work with is NBA Youngboy. After listening to his album “Top” and becoming infatuated with his musical abilities he would definitely be one of them. Second, would be Rylo Rodriguez. I like his word play, he adds double or triple entendres in his lyrics that will make you think deeply about the meaning. Next would be Maleek Berry. Besides rap, I love afro/dancehall music, and he is one of my favorites in that category. Most likely because I have an African descent, I can relate to him a little more than most. Following is Lil Uzi Vert because I love making hyperpop beats, they make me feel good, the melodies are different from the typical trap sound we are all so used to, and it coincidentally seems to be the new up and coming sound of the youth. Lastly would be Dreezy. I saw her live in concert when she performed in Maine. She killed it, it was so fire and she instantly became one of the select artists I want to work with in the coming years.”

What are four pointers you would give to an upcoming producer?

1.. You can make beats all day but networking is the name of the game. For me I had to leave my comfort zone which turned out to be far more beneficial to me rather than just having fire beats alone. Definitely leave your home and spread your name everywhere! It will pay off in the long run.

2. Find out who you are and just be you. People will admire you and actually appreciate your company if you’re just being yourself. Regardless of your personal flaws, everyone has them so just be you. You might find out that you have some commonalities with the people you are around and surprisingly, folks like people they can relate to, it brings them closer. So just be you. 

3. There’s a popular saying that goes,“when the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear.” Simply put, be open to receiving knowledge and game from other people. They have what you want and it could change your life for the better. It’s fine to take in what you need and leave out some that might seem odd. But always try something new. Nonetheless, the point is, asking questions and seeking information from others is a form of humbleness which can take you very far in this game. Nobody, in any part of the world, likes a person who acts like they know it all. However, oddly enough, everyone likes to give out what they know, if you just ask, sort of like what I’m doing here myself. Be a student so you can soon become the master. 

4. Lastly, collaborate with other creatives. From my experience, when you do this you will discover that the quality in your production becomes smoother and sharper, which is important. Your ability to be original is enhanced tremendously, and it becomes easier to get placements from artists you never would have imagined. Everyone is a good producer, even you reading this right now, but when folks come together, it becomes great! So take advantage of that and work with other folks. It’ll build your network with ease and blossom life-long relationships.

Tell us about your big move from Maine To Atlanta & how it has paid off so far?

“Moving from Maine to Atlanta was risky but it was the best decision I ever made. If we disregard the music for a moment, I knew I had to leave my state if I wanted to grow as a person. Physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually. Before I was able to find myself an apartment, for weeks on end, I stayed in hotels and sometimes even in the backseat of my car. It kinda sucked especially when I compared myself to others but after I got over that, it finally hit me and I realized that was meant for me. I had lots of alone time to connect with myself and when I did the music started to take off. Atlanta has opened more doors for me than I had imagined in my mind. I made connections with the right people such as the goat himself, Phantom. It’s also made me an all around better producer. It really has paid off in the short term and more to come in the long term.”

What is your biggest accomplishment so far?

“My biggest accomplishment so far is myself. I personally believe my personal growth from where I was, compared to where I am today is my biggest accomplishment so far!”

What else would you like to accomplishment before the year is over?

“Right now at this point in time all I see is Chuck vs.Chuck. What I mean by that is I’m literally competing against myself, so really before the year is over I want to continue winning and carry that over to the next year. That is what I want to accomplish before the year is over!”

Be sure to to follow up with Chuck The Producer on his social media linked below!

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HDN Cujo is by Far the Next Biggest Thing Outta Niagara Falls, NY



Born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY, fast-rising rapper, songwriter, and recording artist HDN Cujo has worked hard to make his name visible in the music industry. The artist’s childhood was filled with rhythm and the sounds of music. His music career started towards the end of 2019, and his first-ever project was ‘Letter from my Heart’- An introductory piece to his life showing the battles he fought and the pain he faced growing up. During this time, HDN Cujo’s interests in beats, rhythms, and melodies indeed prospered.

Now, two years later, HDN Cujo has turned into an iconic songwriter and recording artist in the genres of Hip Hop and R&B. He’s become accustomed to producing bangers and making sure the vibe of every part of his music videos appears lit. His latest banger, ‘No Safety,’ has been rotating airwaves in the media. He lives by the motto of only doing things he has a passion for and is heavily determined to make something out of himself. HDN Cujo will soon be known as one of the most famous rappers outta NY globally.

HDN Cujo has high hopes for his career and plans to take his brand worldwide. Currently signed to Asylum Records, he hopes his journey will inspire others to pursue their dreams. Be sure to keep up with his journey, as this is just the beginning.

Catch up with HDN Cujo on his social and music links here:

Instagram – 




Link to more-

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The Future of Sports: Aris Persidis of GNB and Tobi Lufadeju of NextPlayerON Talk On The New Emerging Technologies That Are Disrupting The World Of Sports



New technologies have changed the way we engage in and watch sports. Sensors, Wearable Tech, Video Assistant Referees (VAR), and Instant Replay, are examples of new technologies that have changed the way we play and watch sports. In this interview series called, “The Future of Sports; New Emerging Technologies That Are Disrupting The World Of Sports,” we are talking to sports leaders, athletes, sports tech experts, and sports equipment companies who can talk about the new technologies that are reshaping the sports world

Enter in disruptors – Aris Persidis of GridNewsBureau (GNB) and Tobi Lufadeju of NextPlayerON. GNB and NPO announced their collaboration deal in esports engagement in 2021 as well as a pledge to help counteract a rise in trolls and hate into the esport gaming experience.

Aris Persidis

Aris Persidis is a tech entrepreneur with multiple start-ups, growths and exits and chairs the Board of GNB. He focuses on AI and its applications in different areas, including media/entertainment. In 2020, he was included as one of the world’s top 50 futurists by the Abundant World Institute, in collaboration with Alvin Toffler’s Estate (author of the now-classic Future Shock).

Tobi Lufadeju

Tobi Lufadeju is a serial entrepreneur and an accomplished information technology leader with over 18 years of experience developing innovative technical solutions, leading tech teams, and creating strategies to drive business and technology alignment. His focus has since transitioned to product, business, and marketing strategy as the COO of NextPlayerON.

“As a co-founder and COO of NextPlayerON – we focus on leveraging esports to create an ecosystem that empowers communities, educates students, and offers a path to generating income as a professional gamer. And our strategic partnership with GNB allows this vision to come full blossom” , states Tobi Lufadeju.

Through NextPlayerON, the opportunity to impact the world is real. Providing students with scholarships, schools with better student engagement, children with better life choices, and new revenue sources serves as true impact.

“This idea of innovation in how we experience sports is what drives me. It is also what drives our powerful deal with the great folks at NPO.” , states Aris Persidis.

 GNB has announced a wonderful deal with NexPlayerON in the esports vertical. Based on the idea of innovation in how we experience sports is what drives this partnership. Especially the NPO angle that shows how esports properly done can be the great equalizer among young people who may not be physically gifted for a live sport.

“The specific focus of our work with NPO is to use GNB’s content engagement platform to bring actual real-time engagement to the e-sport platform. Viewers and participants in esports only have old-style social media to engage/comment. This brings trolls and hate into the experience. We want to change all that. Showcasing the emotional angle and intensity of taking part in top flight esports is as much part of the narrative as the outcome. We are very excited about that.” states Persidis.

For More Information Visit :

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Kristo Blanc of Demonslayer Records Is Ready To Take His Talents Mainstream



Kristo Blanc is an on the rise recording artist with Demonslayer Records. He was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Kristo is a key player in the empire of Demonslayer Records. Each individual in the label has their own set of abilities and strengths that they bring to the table. Growing up Kristo started to tell stories and wrote music with his friends. He was also a young performer who acted in plays and sang in the choir. He has always had a fond interest in performing and his creative ability was always something he saw as more than just a hobby.

Recently he has released a new music video and single titled “4TH QUARTER”. The track has been creating a nice buzz as it pays homage to the Native American culture. This year he has also hit his first 100,000 streams with his EP titled “ KOBRA AURA 2020”. Not to mention he started his first business and founded Demonslayer Records. He has been busy creating success for his team and this has led to them securing a distribution deal with Symphonic. His subject matter and psychedelic rhythms are quite amazing to witness. His sounds are similar to Prince and Kanye West with a dab of Travis Scott and Toro y Moi.

This year he is working on his first solo album. Until that is set to release he will be focused on delivering singles. Demonslayer Records will continue to spotlight artist development, label services, management and music publishing with Kobra Aura Music. Their goal is to release their first label EP early 2022 and highlight the newest affiliates, Mercury and Jack Moon.

Check out the video below:

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