Dan Lynn, the mastermind behind BioSecurity Technology’s innovative technology, is not your ordinary businessman. With a degree in Health and Safety and HACCP certification from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Lynn is a globally acclaimed expert in pathogenic substance control. As an FDA Clinical Investigator, he has been involved in high-profile infectious disease investigations. His infectiousdisease certification in New York and New Jersey only adds to his impressive credentials. But what sets Lynn apart is his dedication to creating a safer and healthier environment for allto live, work, or play-a vision that drives the success of Bio-Safe by BioSecurity Technology. So, let’s meet the man behind the technology and learn about his journey to success.

With a Master’s degree in Applied Science and Technology and Health and Safety, Lynn is a world-renowned expert on controlling pathogenic substances. As an FDA Clinical Investigator, he is frequently involved in high-profile infectious disease investigations. His qualifications include HACCP certification from the U.S. Department of Commerce and transferable disease certification in New York and New Jersey. He is an expert on agroterrorism and biosecurity for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.But Lynn’s expertise doesn’t end there. He is also globally recognized as an expert on ozone effectiveness and applicationsfor cleaning and disinfecting. Lynn’s products meet and exceed all expectations for cleaning and disinfecting. With 50 issued patents related to cleaning processes and pathogenic control, the products and systems derived from Lynn’s work are integral to the operation of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Lynn’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in the products and systems developed by Bio-Safe. Their technology is considered organic by the USDA and FDA-certified antimicrobial on food, making it the perfect solution for those seeking chemical-free, sustainable, and environmentally friendly options.

Bio-Safe’s success can be attributed to Lynn’s unwavering dedication to creating effective, efficient, and environmentally conscious products. His commitment to innovation has led to the company winning numerous awards, including the 2021 CBRE Innovation of The Year Award,the only company out of 54 competitors to win every category in its nomination.In addition to his contributions to the field of environmental consciousness, Lynn is a mentor and leader to his team members. He sets the bar high for everything they do, and their customer service and professionalism are second to none. With Lynn at the helm, Bio-Safe by BioSecurity Technologyis poised for continued success as an emerging leader in the field of environmental consciousness.

The Take Away

Dan Lynn’s journey from a small town to a clinical investigator for the FDA and finally to the success of Bio-Safe by BioSecurity Technology is nothing short of remarkable. His dedication, expertise, and passion for his work have contributed significantly to the development of the Bio-Safe brand and its success inall industries. Through tireless efforts and rigorous investigation, Dan has brought forth a new medical innovation and safety era, leaving a lasting impact on the environment, and eliminating the carbon footprint of all chemicals used for cleaning and disinfecting. Intending to make the world a better place, Dan has already begun his journey and we can only hope that his work continues to inspire others to push boundaries and strive for excellence.Find out more about them at www.biosecuritytechnology.com.

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