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Meet Dr. Lee: This Physician Is Looking To Provide Patients Affordable Care Without Traditional Insurance Premiums



Dr. Clarence Lee, Jr. served for several years as a flight surgeon for the USAF before starting a career as a physician for a major health group. Although he was very successful in both careers, he knew that he needed to make a change. “The idea of always being on call, missing my kids’ baseball games and practices did not sit well with me.” Already unhappy with the stress caused by the present medical industry, the pressure put on healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic was the final straw. “Healthcare workers in today’s healthcare working environment are overworked and under appreciated. The system is broken.” Driven by a desire to be present for his family and to make an impact on the healthcare system, he founded Exhort Health and his coaching platform to build a dream life for himself and other physicians.

His first step in making an impact was creating a life where he was in control of his time and money. In addition to starting his own healthcare organization, he also began to monetize his passion. “I love medicine, but I am also passionate about encouraging others.” By leveraging his platform as a doctor, he built a business as a speaker, coach and author. Through his coaching, books and speaking engagements, he has been able to help other physicians find clarity, freedom and purpose in their lives. His second step in making an impact pertains to the healthcare industry as a whole. Now that he has transformed his life and the life of hundreds of other physicians through his coaching programs and courses, he is looking to transform an industry.

Dr. Lee plans to correct two major issues in the healthcare industry. Burnout and cost. The first problem is physician burnout. Currently, doctors are not at the top of the leadership pyramid in hospitals or healthcare organizations. The fact is that most hospitals and clinics are run by private equity and are led by executives that have never practiced medicine. “The truth is it’s impossible to give quality care when you are worried about seeing a certain number of patients in an hour.” While these efficiency practices certainly help the company to increase revenue, it does so at the cost of both the patient and the physician. Dr. Lee is building a healthcare system where doctors are in control. “Doctors should be in positions of leadership.” He also recognizes that this leadership will bring on more responsibility for doctors. Currently, doctors are uninvolved in the operations of their industry, Dr. Lee believes that is one of the first changes that needs to happen. “There are so many systems (appointment making, insurance authorizations, billing, medication formularies, costs,reimbursements, etc) and doctors don’t have much of a say in these areas. We need to learn about this and be a part of it.”

Ultimately, Dr. Lee wants to create a healthcare system that lowers costs by bypassing insurance companies. Currently as founder and CEO of Exhort Health, Dr. Lee is leading operations as a hybrid model. Insured patients are able to go through the traditional system of receiving and paying for medical care. But for patients that do not have insurance, he offers a subscription option for receiving primary care. “This ‘Netflix’ approach to medical billing is beneficial for everyone. It creates an affordable healthcare option and incentivizes doctors to keep their service both low-cost and highly effective.” Currently, through this subscription model,

he is able to offer a complete host of services including: urgent care, primary care, and virtual care for his patients at the low monthly cost of $75 per person.

Over the next few years, he is looking to expand Exhort Health’s capabilities to include therapy, counseling, imaging centers and other services. The goal is to grow their resources and offerings to meet all of their patients’ medical needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Exhort Health, you can visit their website. If you are interested in learning more about the courses and education that Dr. Lee offers, you can visit his homepage here.

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