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Meet Hit Making Philadelphia City Artist James Knight



Singer and songwriter James Knight was born and raised in Philadelphia and found early success in the music industry. He has a unique sound that blends across genres, mixing darker R&B tunes and his love for catchy melodiesEver since she was a little boy, James Knight knew singing was what he enjoyed doing the most. Coming from a family with deep roots in the music business, Knight was practically born for this. After seeing his unique musical approach, he was supported by his family.

Additionally, the hit-maker behind “Fuck it Up” never spent a minute without music. For Knight, while music is in his blood, the artistry of music didn’t take hold until the early age of his preteen years where James Knight was already performing on various stages across the country and being featured on numerous publications—all these while writing and composing music for other artists, which is still something he regularly does today.

James Knight’s music prowess in making his sound unique has recently caught the attention of major labels, producers, engineers, and fellow musicians. All of them are excited to collaborate and work with him. His album ‘Freedom of Sound,’ a piece with a unique musical composition, quickly gained masses as he gave his fan a glimpse into the many facets of his life, taking them on a truly versatile musical journey like never before. James Knight’s evolution as an artist has elevated his sound with new innovative melodies and eclectic vibes. He is currently working on a new musical masterpiece that will surely leave his fans’ souls penetrated—having worked with many talented producers and artists. His recent releases will be a surprise for his fans. New collaborations, tours, music, and videos are all things we can expect in the upcoming months.

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