It is becoming increasingly easy for people today to opt for unique professions. From peculiar mixes of niches to the surfacing of entirely new fields of work in recent years, there is no sure way of telling where they will go and how lucrative they will be in the next ten years. But one thing is apparent among those who come up with novel ways of earning a living – they love taking risks and have a penchant for innovation. IT consultant turned travel vlogger, and influencer Hussen Shambesh is no exception to the lot. 

Born in Tripoli, Libya, Hussen’s family moved to Manchester, United Kingdom, when he was only two years old. As a young immigrant, he quickly adjusted to the English lifestyle; however, his Libyan-Arabic roots, culture, and faith became the foundation of his upbringing and connected him with the people of his community and himself.

When he was 17, he moved out to live on his own. He attended the University of Manchester, where he majored in Software Engineering, after which he moved to London for work. His first full-time job was at Ceridian Global, where he took on the Senior Software Engineer role. He has since worked at multiple IT, finance, and eCommerce firms like Christie’s and Gilded. He also worked at the Department of Health and Education, where he was in charge of architectural design and implemented the Greenfield fund health cloud platform for the Ministry of Health in the UK.

In 2018, Hussen joined Instagram and, from thereon, embarked on his influencer journey. He was fond of traveling and photography, which ultimately became his primary niche. He would travel, take exquisite photographs of the countries he visited, and post videos of his adventures that resonated with his audience. Hussen’s adventure and luxurious travel excursions appealed to the ordinary, hard-working individuals who were aware of the struggles he had to endure to reach the position he enjoys today. Especially as a first-generation immigrant, it gave his story a unique and inspirational color.  

Creating content in English and Arabic, Hussen has connected with many of his followers who admire his efforts to include a diverse audience. A significant part of his following is from the Eastern side of the globe, and they respect his originality and authenticity. In addition to travel vlogging and photography, he is also a drone enthusiast. Much of the content on his Instagram and Youtube revolves around that. He is a freelance drone pilot and has turned a mere hobby into a lucrative and fruitful long-term profession. 

More than anything, Hussen wants to empower ordinary folks and inspire them to turn their hobbies into profitable professions. He believes it is possible to live life to the fullest, even in today’s challenging atmosphere. With strategic maneuvering, long-term planning, and resilience, one can achieve their goals and turn their passion into a living.