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Meet InSu Who Focuses On His Career To Ensure That He Gives His Fans The Best



InSu is an artist who if we were to mention talented and focused artists, then he would be on top of the list. The hardworking artist owns all his video concepts and he writes them personally. He also goes ahead to design the camera angles and light drops. Additionally, the script of his music is all original to ensure his fanbase gets original content. Unlike the upcoming artists who are always copying, InSu focuses on doing his original work. To date, he hasn’t gotten any features but he hopes that he will in due time.  He has been approached by several but he attests that he hasn’t found one that he is comfortable with. 

The now experienced musician who started making music at 10, InSu, has majored and focused on Rap. “For the most part it’s RAP, but like I said I wanna be known as THE most versatile artist you’ve ever listened to so I have records that are just pop, RnB, Rap, pop-rap. Alternative, edm-rap, and the list goes on. 

InSu has always admired and wanted to work with several artists in the industry. In an interview, he mentioned that, “I’d love to work with Drake, Kanye, JAY, and Cole. Just the knowledge you can get from just that session would be life changing. But new school cats I would love to work with Russ and Jack Harlow. It would be so inspiring as well but I would like to work with so much more!” He concluded the interview.

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