Mens Blogger And Influencer Jéshan Jones is riding high waves and making moves into fashion / fitness. Our eyes caught his instagram modification which is quite possibly the most beautiful ever. We had an interview with Jéshan Jones this week and here is what he had to say:

Tell us what made you interested in creating an instagram account?

Jéshan: Instagram is the most exciting social media app. We currently live in the digital age and instagram is the synagogue of opportunities whether you use it for  business, social , political, filmmaking, dating, or marketing etc. I created instagram because I want to enhance my life and establish my brand which will create a lot of opportunities for me which will give me a better lifestyle altogether.

Who was your biggest inspiration to create instagram?

Jéshan: I don’t look at other celebs / influencers on Instagram as inspiration. My biggest inspiration is none other than myself because I am unique in my own way and I want to create my own style that people will follow and admire. At first when I got into instagram it was because I was into photography and which led me into it.

Looking at your Instagram, how did you create such eye catching  Story Highlight Icons and bio?

Jéshan: Well when I created instagram all i had in my mind was to stand as much as i can and stay on top of crop. So I created icons using a variety of icons using different even icons and then I used a multi-layered lighting circle and used high resolution color to light up my story highlight icons and I have seen plenty of accounts have different styles but no one comes close to mine. I get hundreds of DMs everyday, people want to know how I decorated them because they have not seen anything unique like this. I have noticed that after I changed my bio and designed all mods, The followers engagement became better and stands out more.

Here Is His Photo Of His Account:

Your images are very clean and well edited, what are the apps you use for photo editing? Do you hire professional photographers to take your photos? 

Jéshan: I used an app called presets (red icon) which gives me amazing results. I also use VSCO/ POMELO for editing my photos which gives better focus/ coloring and sharpens the photo. Those apps are tremendous and give the best results. Yes I do hire professional photographers because in order to promote yourself to the world, you need to give the best content possible which will give your audience the better impression and it will help you build your brand properly.

Being a fashion / lifestyle blogger, is there anyone that you like in the fashion industry?

Jéshan: I like Pharell, David Beckham because they’re both unique with their own style and creative with the way they represent themselves to the world. Pharell became a cultural icon because of his creativity in fashion. Beckham’s hairstyle became a worldwide phenomenon. They really know how to rock any look no matter what. I want to build my own legacy one day so that people can look at my own style which will be a public trend. Like I said before, I don’t follow trends, I create trends.

Do you think fashion was more classy in the past than now? 

Jéshan: I wouldn’t say that because every generation has its own swag and style. In the 90s, men used to rock baggy jeans and clothes because that was the trend back. There was not social media back then so people focused less. 

Do you have any fashion advice for people?

Jéshan: Being in shape and fit is the best fashion statement. You don’t necessarily have to wear Fancy designer clothes all the time to look good. Make sure to wear something that’s good quality and you feel comfortable. If a fat guy wears a $700 AMIRI t-shirt, he will not look good and catch anyone’s attention and won’t be appreciated. If a ripped guy wears a $20 shirt, she will look way hotter and get more attention and admiration from people. I know some losers will say I don’t wear clothes for attention, I do it for myself. Welp then enjoys being unattractive, fat and miserable. Dress how you wanna be addressed. I see one mistake a lot of guys make is that they wear suits 2-3 size bigger than their actual size which is what kills the vibe. Please make sure to get your suits tailored properly. Again it’s not about how much you say, its about how much you show when it comes to fashion.

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