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Meet Kyle Coon: Endurance Athlete and Paralympian

Kyle Coon, Motivational Speaker and Blind Advocate Helps Others Reach Their Goals By Their Core Values



Kyle Coon, Motivational Speaker and Blind Advocate Helps Others Reach Their Goals By Their Core Values

Kyle Coon is a former college wrestler and Paralympic triathlete who has faced adversity in his life that was no match for his inner fire and ambition. His story is one of determination, resilience, and hard work.

Coon was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer, at the age of six months. By the age of six, he had completely lost his sight. Despite his visual impairment, Coon was a gifted athlete in high school and college, competing in wrestling. However, after graduating from the University of Central Florida, he struggled to find work, and his confidence took a hit.

Determined to turn his life around, Coon decided to take up running. However, he faced the challenge of doing so without sight. He connected with a sighted runner through a website and was convinced to try a triathlon. Coon excelled at the sport, competing in three Ironman events and eventually becoming a full-time athlete.

Coon’s dedication and hard work paid off when he qualified for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, finishing fifth. His journey has been chronicled in his book, “Discovering a Life Without Limits.”

Public Speaking and Mentorship

Coon’s story is an inspiration to many, particularly those with disabilities. His experiences have led him into seeking mentorship and public speaking opportunities as well as podcasting; spurred on by the desire to spread inspiration and encouragement to those fighting their own battles. Coon has spoken to large groups across the board; from government officials to elementary schools, and he has something to give to each individual who is there to listen. He believes that having a vision is the key to success, but he emphasizes that simple does not mean easy. He encourages his clients and listeners to define their vision and core values and to consistently work towards their goals.

Coon’s core values include honor, commitment, resilience, hard work, consistency, and courage. He believes that these values are essential to success and to living a fulfilling life. He instills these core values while participating in various speaking engagements, using his story to encourage others to reach for their dreams and to treat everyone with courtesy, kindness, and acceptance, never knowing what someone may be going through.

What’s Next?

Despite his achievements, Coon still faces challenges as a blind athlete. Planning is a significant hurdle for him, as he needs to arrange his transportation and navigate unfamiliar areas well in advance. However, he is grateful for technology, which has made his life easier. He is an avid user of Apple products and their VoiceOver feature.

Coon is now focused on the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris, where he hopes to bring home a medal. After that, he plans to retire from competitive triathlon but continue to pursue mountain and trail racing, and hopes to continue to grow as a traveling motivational speaker and mentor.

Coon’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and resilience. He has overcome many challenges in his life, and his dedication to his vision and core values has led him to great success. Coon’s message is one of hope and inspiration, reminding us that anything is possible with the right mindset and a willingness to put in the work.
To follow along with Kyle Coon’s journey or to contact him for potential speaking engagements, he can be found on his Website and Instagram, and contacted via email; [email protected].

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