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Meet La’Monte, The Philadelphia Based Artist



The Music is the art and universally adopted language. It was at a young age that La’Monte decided to try his hand at music and soon discovered that he had fallen in love with it. While the artist has made some successful early moves, he says the most challenging part of being an independent artist has been reaching a correct audience. Year  after year, we come to know about different individuals, especially youngsters from different corners of the world, doing splendidly well in their respective careers.

“I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. I love the places that most people don’t give a second glance.” said La’Monte. He also explained how did he start music as a career. ” Music and Animation play an important role in my life. If I am not making music I am definitely trying to make an impact through visuals!”, said La’Monte. Well, He is one of few artists who is well-versed in field of the music and anime too. You might have heard songs of many producer, but the La’Monte is different. He has ability to connect audience with unique styles and approach. It is very rare and uncommon. By considering his talent, we can say that he will definitely work with major bands and artists in future. We wish him to reach new height in upcoming years.

Thanks to such promising musical talents, the music industry is constantly growing, who have immersed themselves wholly in their musical craft. Consistency in the music industry helps propel a must artist to the top and something he takes very seriously. Being consistent makes an artist relevant and gives the artist more room to improve and overcome challenges.

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