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Meet Rising Massachusetts Artist “Gio”



22 year old artist “Gio” from Worcester, Massachusetts has been putting out music for years now & gradually growing his fan base . Gio grew up singing and writing as long as he could remember. His mother was a singer and music teacher and his family also has a long history of artists, singers, musicians and poets. Gio is continuing his journey doing what he loves and what he feels he needs to do. We got to connect with Gio & ask him about his come up so far.

What made you start taking music serious?

“I have always been singing and writing since a very, very young age. Towards the end of high school is when I started taking it seriously. I had a song called Sad Boi I came out with that started doing great numbers on streaming platforms. From that point on I realized people actually were listening to me and I had potential to be an artist.”

How would you desrcibe your sound?

“I try to experiment with all sorts of sounds, and blend all of my influences into my music. This includes Rap, Alternative, RnB, Punk and Pop. I like including elements of all of these in my songs, so there is a song or part of a song for everyone to enjoy.”

Describe the Massachusetts music scene here in 2022

“Truthfully it’s a budding music scene that is gaining traction that hasn’t been here previously. Simultaneously however, I feel like it’s disrespected and underappreciated. There are alot of great artists in multiple genres that I feel would have a bigger audience if they were from anywhere but Massachusetts. I wanna be one of the people to put Massachusetts, and specifically Worcester Massachusetts, on the map.”

What are some things as a artist you do to learn the business?

“I try my best to network with other artists and figure out the business from people who have been here for longer than I have or have had more success than I have, and I try to glean as much info about the industry as I can. Beyond that, the internet is your friend. There are so many resources out there that help with navigating the business and for promoting your music. You just have to be willing to put the same amount of time doing that research as you do making the music.”

If you could work with just 3 major producers in the game who would it be & why?

“Some producers I would love to work with include The Alchemist, Pharrell and Kenny Beats. All three have been producing some of my favorite songs over the last few years.”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future we have to look out for?

“Expect lots of singles, features and music videos for the rest of the year. I am really gonna try and flood the market with more music and content.”

If you are interested in keeping up with “Gio” be sure to click his social media/music links all linked below!


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