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Meet Sneha Jain from India – popular for her outstanding books and achievements at a young age!



Latest young literary sensation, Sneha Jain hails from the city of Karnal, Haryana In India . She has garnered much acclaim for her books and the achievements at young age (21 years old at the moment). Sneha is a world record holder as an “aspiring author 2021” and also holds her name in “India Book of Records “ for her second book titled- “She- The Withered Flower”. Recently , She has been selected for the prestigious Bharat Vibhushan Award 2023.

When Sneha is not writing, she focuses on her studies ,given that she is presently pursuing her Masters in English . She also spends her time reading and drawing. She launched her first book “THE VISIONARY LIGHTS FROM A DARK MIND “at the age of 19 , in August 2020. The book contains some short poetries which are easily readable and relatable ,composed by SNEHA JAIN herself. Her second book “She-The Withered Flower” talks about women empowerment and their overcoming the obstacles.Her third book “The Jewels of Elegance “ is a patriotic book where she named each state of India as a diamond . Her fourth book “The Wind and the Grit” is a general book containing poems on various elements of earth. Her fifth book “Be the first you” is a motivational book .All her books are available for sale globally on amazon.

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Sneha believes that a girl’s crown should be fully embedded with diamonds . Therefore , she is achieving those diamonds with her zeal and hard work . She is a recipient of the following awards:-

•World Record as “ASPIRING AUTHOR 2021” by Bravo International Book of Records.
•“The Future Star-Best Debut Author 2021” by Cherry book Awards
•“Writer’s Ink Awardee 2021” by Applause Awards,
•“Best Writer Of the Year Award -The Opus Talent Awards 2021” by Opus Coliseum ,
“Alpha Talent Awards2021 ” by The Alpha Talent Awards 2021.
•“Top 100 Women Icon2021” by the fox clues India Prime Awards.
•”Tagore Commemorative” by Ne8x.
•”Kalam Ratna Award 2021 “ by Kalam Foundation.
•”Asia Top 100 Influential Women of India2021” byTimes crown.
•”Asia’s 100 most inspirational people Award 2021.”.
•India top 100 women Icon award 2021
•Spotlight Youth Icon Award 2021.
•India Top 100 Women Award 2021 by foxclues.
•Top 100 Authors of India 2021.
•”Ms. Resolute” by Feminarc Awards (Awards Arc)
•”Women leadership award 2022” by Nation Choice.
•”Best in Excellence “ under NARI EK SHAKTI by The Crazy Tales.
•Top 40 most talented writers of 2021.
•Bankim Chandra Kala Saman

•She forward excellence 2022

•Rabindranath Tagore Literature Awards 2022

•Top 100 Authors award 2022

•Empowered Women award 2022

•Inspiration HERstory times 2022 award

•Women Face of the Year 2023

•Bharat Vibhushan Award 2023 by National book of Records India

•Glaze Iconic 40 under 40 award 2023

She writes to motivate and inspire people. Usually, one gets related to her writings in a fraction of seconds. She believes in expressing the reality of the world in words. Most of her writings are of women empowerment themes. She believes that everyone needs to voice up their opinions.

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