20 year old rising artist out of Dallas, TX “2x” has been flooding with content all year. 2x is known for his off the dome abilities which makes his tracks so raw. We got to connect with 2x & ask him a few questions about his come up!

What Made You Start Taking Music Serious?

“A couple things that made me take music serious is hearing from others that my sound is different.”

Who Are 3 Artist You Would Say Inspire You & Why?

“Michael Jackson is my #1 inspiration due to the fact he was always misunderstood in life. He was also such an electric performer which inspired me. Lil Uzi Vertal also kind of helped me gain that rockstar swag and showed me being versatile is fun. Number 3 would have to go to Andre3K simply because the way he just talks and walks on beats effortlessly.

Describe Your Sound

“What makes my sound my sound, is the feeling of security when you hear my lyrics and cadences. My sound Is like rain gently hitting against the windows and roof of the house easing.”

Who Are Some Major Producer You Would Like To Collab With In The Future?

“Some major producers I’d love to collaborate with are, Metro, Wheezy, & DrDre fasho.”

What Can We Expect From You In The Near Future?

“In the future you guys should expect to see my face around more and hear me everywhere. Radio plays, podcasts, Blogs, vlogs etc.”

If your interested in staying tapped in with “2X” be sure to check out his music & social media links all linked below!