Upcoming artist & producer “Djay London” born & raised in Nashville, TN has been building his career rapidly here in 2022. Djay is definitely an artist to know about if you’re interested in a melodic versatile vibe. We got to connect with Jay & ask him a few questions about his come up so far!

Describe the moment you knew music was going to be permanent for you?

“I knew music was going to be permanent for me when I first started, but first I was really was pushing being a producer in late 2019/early 2020. Once Covid hit I ended up buying a snowball mic & started taking rapping more serious while putting producing on the backend. I hope to get back into it but rap is the drive right now.”

Explain how it is in the studio how do you set the vibe to get started?

“The studio is a sacred place for me, I don’t like bring more than 1 other person to the studio with me because other peoples vibe can throw me off. I just don’t like lame stuff going on so i’m very picky on the amount of people that are near me in the studio.”

How is it coming up as an artist in Nashville? How easy is it to connect with other producers or artists?

“Man coming up in Nashville is a very difficult place to push hip hop, we are so close to Atlanta but the vibe is more country, and caters to one particular person. I want to change that, I want to make it to where it’s more common to here about a rapper blowing up than a country artist. It’s so crazy because we are the music city but only cater to one type of music. Connecting with other artist is always easy in Nashville since everyone is on the same page of turning this place around.”

If you were to talk to some upcoming artists who just started what would be your top 3 pointers you would give them?

“Honestly I suck at giving advice or pointers to anyone because everyones life & situation is so different so what may have worked for me might not work for you. The biggest thing I see artists fail at is having the wrong people around them & I’m not just talking about your family member that’s leeching. You need to make sure your management is on point & your whole team is on point, because your favorite artist is not just successful on their own they have a team this takes a village, so make sure your village is in order or it will crumble.”

What would you say is the biggest accomplishment you’ve accomplished so far?

“I’m very bad at celebrating my accomplishments because its always about getting to the next level or the next step. I would say my biggest accomplishment as of right now is just getting my name out to the world, my hashtag on TikTok is at 100k & I’m just right under 1k followers on TikTok as well .My new single “Can’t Commit” hit 1K in 24 hours on Soundcloud my fans were rocking with it.”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future?

“Crazy visuals, more crazy sounds, just next level sh*t thats like my whole drive just raising the bar for the people applying pressure. My new single “Can’t Commit” is out now all platforms lets go.”

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