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Meet Upcoming Producer/Artist Prod By Kayy



Upcoming 20 year old producer “Prod By Kayy” out of Nashville, TN has been making tremendous noise as of lately. With her wide variety of sounds she is becoming a go to for beats as her youtube numbers increase heavily day by day. We got to connect with Kayy to ask her a few questions about her career & what she has going on.

How has getting into music & producing made an impact on your life?

 “Doing music gave me a lot of opportunities to meet & work with artists I listen to and look up to. I feel like I’ve gained some exposure as far as people knowing who I am just from me being around the music scene”.

Who are the top 3 producers you look up to & why?

“I look up to “TNTXD”, because he makes heart felt beats and I know his story is coming up, he’s humble and doesn’t mind helping others. “Ant Chamberlain” because he help put other producers on and he gives out many gems . Last but not least “Section 8″ because he is going crazy with those Lil baby beats. Another thing is all of them are young too so it is really motivating”.

How would you describe your sound?

 “When you hear pain beats in Nashville 9/10 it’s me, it’s not too many producers on these types of beats. Outside of the pain beats I would say I have a southern sound”.

Who are 3 artists that is they heard your beat right now would be ready to make a song?

“Rod wave, NBA Youngboy & Lil Baby forsure”.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“I see myself on the billboard charts, a known female producer that stands out to every one, and most importantly ima be wealthy enough to support myself and my family”.

What are some things you have coming up in the future?

“Man I got a lot of placements on the way that no one knows about but y’all will see soon”.

It is safe to say “Prod By Kayy” will be a future household name in the industry. If you want to keep up with Kayy or check out her beats in the future follow her Instagram & Airbit profile all linked below.

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