If investment itself wasn’t challenging enough, abounding with many risks, the traditional approach to it to trust someone else – like a financial advisor – to manage our hard-earned money while producing zero returns has made people even more uncertain. On the other hand, self-proclaimed financial experts claim to have cracked the shortcut to financial success. In both cases, heavy losses and disappointment are regularly incurred. At such a time, genuine help from investment coaches are in dire need. Vittorio Rigato, the founder of Stoic Money, is one of the best in the market, with years of expertise primarily related to the stock market. 

While all investment coaches make you inch toward financial freedom, Vittorio does it with unmatched honesty, regulating his clients’ needs through realistic projections. Through his coaching company, Stoic Money, he has helped many employees and professionals from around the world with his exceptional knowledge to make the right financial decision. 

Out of many of his success stories, one of his clients, Trist Hewitt, a HR professional from UK, shares her experience in a video testimonial. She says, “I was worried I would have to learn complicated formulas and strategies; instead, I was able to create a clear, automated plan with Vittorio.” Shane Jeffery, another satisfied student of Vittorio’s from Singapore, shared, “Before, I was just buying random stocks and ETFs without a proper strategy. Now I have the tools to weed out the bad investments.”

Vittorio has helped employees and professionals understand the right investment strategies and what would work for them. He leverages his extensive experience and knowledge and creates a customized strategy to reach a staggering $1,000,000 in the long term. His primary focus is on ETFs and stocks, while he also coaches his students on analyzing bonds and funds. 

Unlike financial advisors, Vittorio firmly believes that each one of us should learn how to invest independently, instead of giving money to someone else with zero gains – this is also why he is often called the anti-financial advisor. He makes his students understand that success in this field comes with consistent hard work and proper learning, which is something that takes time to pan out. There is no shortcut or easy way out. 

After coaching more than 100 beginner investors worldwide in 2022, Vittorio is looking to help more employees and professionals create an investment strategy that can be easily managed alongside their job. You can check out the official Stoic Money website to check out his services or learn more about him through his Instagram

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