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Meet Zander, The Young But Visionary Content Creator



Zander Wasserman was born and raised in Arizona. He played club soccer and remained in Arizona all his life. However, he has visited more than 30 different countries since he loves traveling and experiencing different and new cultures. Despite being in high school as a senior, he enjoys doing TikTok and has been doing it for two years. 

His passion for workouts started at High School, where he played soccer. From there, he loves staying fit and staying healthy. He also acknowledges his father and mother, who raised him with his two siblings. He attests that he loves encouraging everyone to keep doing something no matter how small it seems. “When I’m at the gym, I always help my friend or even others to keep going; don’t stop and teach them how to do the form right so they can withstand any aches, pains, or even injuries.” He says. 

Zander does not discriminate against anyone from any part of the world. He ensures that he helps everyone find their purpose in life. At only 18, Zander has accomplished what most people are yet to accomplish at his age.

Away from the physical exercises, Zander loves creating content. He also helps people from all over the world through his pages where he campaign on the importance of living and eating healthy. His content is made for anyone so long as you can hear him. 

Lastly, the young 18-year-old content creator loves restoring confidence to people who have initially lost it due to some reasons. 

You can connect with Wasserman through his social media accounts below.

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