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Meghan Rose is Bringing Tarot to the Mainstream



As we approach the end of what has been the most surreal, life-changing, and unpredictable year of our lives, many of us have turned to new ways to look after our mental health and spiritual wellbeing. For Spiritual Advisor Meghan Rose, she’s seen her follower count more than tripled since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As the whole world has leaned into resting and reassessing during this time, many people have found comfort and support from Rose’s spiritual services, particularly in her eerily spot-on Tarot card readings. “My belief is that this time of slowing down and reflecting has allowed us to see how necessary it is to tend to our spiritual health,” she explains.

“The more we push away our connection to source consciousness, the more likely we are to end up over-working, over-functioning, and ultimately losing our connection to ourselves and others in a meaningful way,” she says. The Los Angeles based Spiritual Advisor – specializing in Tarot, energy healing, and meditation- has revolutionized her business this year by taking it online out of necessity, and now has regular clients as far afield as the U.K., Australia, Kuwait, Belgium, and Canada. However, she’s also found success with a very particular clientele: celebrities.

Meghan has worked with celebrities including Australian model Emily Sears, professional volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings, and Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford. “Celebrities who were more inclined to work privately over the phone than to have a stranger come into their home were calling and booking after word-of-mouth referrals,” she explains.

Rutherford praised Meghan’s Tarot card reading as “beautiful and crystal clear”, adding that it was “such a wonderful reading”. Walsh Jennings also raved about her session with Meghan, saying her experience was “so lovely, so powerful and so on point. Meghan’s presence set the tone, and I sincerely believe that her gift is just that… her ability to be present for herself and her clients so she can tune in to the messages from the universe/source. Meghan is a gift who uses her gift so well”.

Emily Sears spoke about how 2019 was a year of immense change for her, so she booked in with Meghan moving into a new decade in order to get her bearings. “Her reading gave me clarity in how to navigate challenges regarding my health and career while also embracing and growing within my relationship,” she explains. “Her accurate insight helped me calm my anxiety about the things outside my control, and reassure me that all things are always working as they should for the highest good.”

Meghan Rose’s ability to help people see within themselves is not to be underestimated. U.K. based influencer and business coach Hannah Rose Cluley said her first reading with Meghan was “unexpectedly life changing.” “It’s not a Tarot reading,” she adds, “it’s shining a light on the parts of you that you forgot existed!”

We don’t see her streak stopping anytime soon. The Spiritual Advisor and Tarot reader is naturally gifted and plans to bring Tarot to the mainstream, incorporating the age-old practice into daily life for anyone who is willing to become more self-aware. In the same way, she starts her weekly Tarot classes, “There is no such thing as light magic or dark magic, there is simply magic and the intention that you place upon it”. Meghan Rose and her magical work are worth taking note of.

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