The level of beauty cannot be measured in numbers or words. However, our eyes can calculate it. On the other hand, beauty is not only about looks and appearance. There are plenty of beautiful people out there in the world, but some can intrigue you with just average looks. The reason is their beautiful traits such as passion, kindness, happiness, a spirit of full nature, determination, and many more. How about a person who has both the beauty of looks as well as personality? Radi Budyounova is one such talented girl who has charmed everyone around her and worldwide with her enchanting beauty, sense of fashion as well as smartness.

Born in Bulgaria, Radi Budyounova moved to New York to explore more and prove herself to the world. Radi Budyounova was always fond of fashion and began her career at the age of 18. She did modeling and small gigs at that age. She got a lovely response from her co-workers as well as the audience. The positive response increased the sincerity of the profession. It was not a pleasant journey. Radi shared that although she liked spotlights and all, which is another reason she joined the fashion industry, she was scared as hell on her first runway as well as a photo shoot. But the good results inspired and gave her confidence even more.

“Modeling is not an easy job. You have to be strong and determined. You can not let people pull you down. You must stay focused and keep going even when things seem very hard. You just have to keep going at it.”

After a long and hard journey of struggles, Radi Budyounova made a successful career in the fashion and modeling industries. She has worked with plenty of brands and produced successful results. The Diva won many titles, including Miss Global Russia 2018 and Miss New Jersey Globe.

Radi can look stunning in any outfit. She has the talent to wear any accessory and pose, just highlighting it. The spark and confidence in her eyes do the rest of the charm for the audience. The self-made model thrives on becoming a trend-maker instead of a follower. Her fans adore her for her natural beauty and exclusive fashion sense! The fashion queen has appeared on a number of prestigious occasions and magazines, including New York Bridal Fashion Week and L’Officiel Magazine. 

Besides having mesmerizing looks, Radi Budyounova has skills for luring the audience. The girl has gained more than one million followers on Instagram. Keep following her to see more of her achievements in the future. 

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