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Miami-Based Business Guru Adina Brunetti Launches AJMB Hospitality



Renowned hospitality entrepreneur and marketing expert, Adina Brunetti, set to transform Floridas restaurant and catering markets with the launch of the AJMB Hospitality brand

Adina Brunetti might just be charting a new course in the Florida hospitality industry, as she launches the AJMB Hospitality brand. The new hospitality company is launched in partnership with one of the most successful marketing and restaurant experts, aimed at transforming hospitality services in South Florida and across the U.S. Famous for her books and marketing prowess, Adina will be collaborating with AB 27 Group, Adina Creative Food as well as media and development companies to deliver an amazing experience for all stakeholders in the restaurant and catering industry.

What excites me is being able to inspire people to look at the hospitality industry from a different standpoint, offering a high quality of services to their customers while also remaining profitable and ensuring sustainability.” – Adina Brunetti.

The global hospitality industry has evolved significantly over the years, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market, thanks to the emergence of several brands as well as technological advancements. According to a report by The Business Research Company, the global hospitality market size is expected to grow from $3,952.87 billion in 2021 to $6,715.27 billion in 2026, driven by companies rearranging their operations and recovering from the pandemic. Florida remains a hub for the hospitality business, with restaurants and hotels springing up to take advantage of the state’s reputation for attracting tourists. However, Adina seeks to raise the bar in the industry while enabling businesses in the industry to gain more from their services, as she launches AJMB Hospitality.

AJMB Hospitality will provide different categories of services, including catering, event entertaining, restaurant marketing and promotion, and events, as Adina brings her wealth of knowledge in the hospitality industry to bear. As the creative director at Adina Creative Food and founder of AB 27 Group, Adina has helped to develop and promote more than 70 restaurants and bars well as local and international special events. She is also the author of several books on marketing and hospitality business.

What makes AJMB Hospitality unique is their Managed Cafe service, which is a fully managed solution to simplify office or apartment buffet catering. Entities of all sizes and budgets can provide their employees  and residents with a customized and consistent meal experience. The company also offers flexible onsite staffing and equipment solutions for small and big apartment and office buildings. Flexible enough to meet the needs of any event regardless of size, budget, or onsite complexity.

AJMB Hospitality can also assist with rebranding in addition to team member and manager selection, and ultimately strive for clients to experience operational efficiency, profitability and success.

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