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Michael Gorton, The Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur



Revolutionizing Health, IT, Energy & Space Industries

Those who believe in hard work, and persistence know that in this world, you can still come from almost nothing and accomplish much.  Michael Gorton worked in any job he could get to pay his way through college.  With jobs that spanned from ditch digging, to short order cook, cashier in an all-night store, and construction Michael was always willing to take whatever was available to pay the rent, food and college tuition.  Those kinds of tasks would build the foundation upon which Gorton would accomplish much. After college, he took a job working as a young engineer in corporate America, but that job did not provide enough challenge, so he set off to become an entrepreneur. A typical corporate workday starts at nine in the morning and ends by five in the evening.  Not so for the entrepreneur, where success comes only from a level of persistence that spans 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Starting and growing a company is more like raising a child than working a nine-to-five job.

Michael Gorton, A Man of High Intellect

Innovator, bestselling author, and serial entrepreneur Michael Gorton paved a path for himself by building a solid and diversified education base.  Alongside his bachelor’s in electrical engineering and Physics, Gorton minored in English.  He then went on to graduate school in Physics and Space Science. When those were done, he shifted to law, where he earned his Juris Doctorate at night while working full time as an engineer. His degrees were earned at some of the most competitive institutions in the world: Texas Tech, University of Texas, and Texas A&M.  Looking back, he constantly gets to enjoy the rivalries between those schools in both academics and collegiate sports.

Industry Experience

Michael has led companies that have transformed their industries throughout his executive career. These companies include Internet Global, Teladoc, Palo Duro Records, Principal Solar, Back To Space, and Recuro Health. The pioneering work of Michael and his team at Teladoc literally created an industry now worth a quarter of a trillion dollars worldwide. 

Books and Awards

As a best-selling author and industry leader, he has published over 30 white papers, 100 articles, and five novels. The novels span the genres from thriller, to inspirational, to science fiction and historical fiction.  His historical fiction: Forefathers and Founding Fathers, tells a fascinating tale from the early colonial period in America.  It became an Amazon #1 bestseller and won several literary awards.  In 2018, Gorton brought in two co-authors to pen his business book: Broken Handoff, which Book Genius ranked as the #1 M&A Business book of 2019. Broken Handoff provides lessons for entrepreneurs and investors on how to increase the success rate in transactions.

Sports Enthusiasm

He has run eighteen marathons, earned a black belt in karate and Kenpo, and has completed a 4,800-mile bicycle trip across the nation. When his kids were young, the family set a goal of seeing America by climbing the highest point of elevation in each of the 50 states. Some of those highpoints are small and easy, like Florida, which is a roadside park, and some are extremely challenging, like the mountains in the Rockies and the western Cascades.  Michael used those adventures to teach his children that it is not about climbing a mountain, but instead about learning to do something that is truly difficult.

Back to Space LLC

Among Michael’s many accomplishments is working with Danielle Roosa, granddaughter of Lunar Apollo Astronaut: Stuart Roosa, in the founding of Back To Space, LLC (B2S).  The team managed to attract living legend astronauts from the Apollo era, including Buzz Aldrin, Walt Cunningham, and Charlie Duke. In this way, Michael expresses his passion for the exploration of space while educating and inspiring people worldwide – all in a for-profit business model.  The company has embarked on building the Lunar Landscape Experience, which will become one of the most unique, entertaining, and remarkable destinations in the world. Construction on that facility is slated to begin soon.  Back To Space team is looking for sponsors and interested parties to participate in the process, so reach out to Michael if you are interested in this area!

Internet Global and Principal Solar

Principal Solar led the charge in education and construction of the Solar industry as solar cells dropped in price and became cost-competitive with mainstream energy production.  The company designed and built several hundred megawatts of solar, capable of powering approximately 70,000 homes in the United States. 

In the early 90s, almost no one knew what the internet was.  Gorton would go to Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, and any other organization to give speeches and inspire people to “sign on to the internet!”  Plenty of people thought he was a kook, and some saw him as a visionary.  Now, it is difficult to imagine anyone who does not use the internet every single day.  Along with providing simple internet access, Internet Global developed the world’s first high-speed DSL network. He also led one of the country’s first national VoIP networks. Through his efforts, Michael built a company that became North Texas’ #1 internet provider, created an industry, and delivered one of the most transformation engines the world has ever seen. 

Recuro Health and Teladoc

The history of telemedicine goes all the way back to the 1960s when Jay Sanders built the first prototype. It was almost 40 years later before Michael joined forces with medical doctor Byron Brooks to form Teladoc.  In the early days, not only did the Teladoc team have to build everything, but they also had to navigate the waters of regulatory bodies that wanted to close Teladoc and toss Gorton in prison for building the company.  In this post-Covid era, it is impossible to imagine a world without telemedicine! Teladoc has been named by MIT as one of the 50 smartest companies in the world and is now a $20+ billion-dollar company, leading a quarter trillion-dollar industry.  For Gorton, the next step in healthcare is building a company that changes everything again.  He began that process by forming Recaro Health, alongside some of the telemedicine pioneers.  This time, amongst the lofty goals, is improving lifespan and greatly lowering the incidence and severity of major diseases like cancer.

Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs face several challenges. Even if you are an experienced entrepreneur, you will still have to face challenges like establishing a brand, matching or exceeding the competition, and retaining profits. Michael was always an observer, and this quality was innate in him. He is even passing on his wisdom to the next generation of entrepreneurs by mentoring them.  His most important advice to entrepreneurs is that you must start with a good plan, surround yourself with great people and never give up.  Gorton is fond of saying that building a company should not be about building your personal ego.  Along the way, every entrepreneur will need to clean the toilets while planning billion-dollar deals.  The ones who insert their egos will probably fail, and the ones who stay focused, have a high probability of success.

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Football Coach Michael Bonneville Coaching Businesses to Success



Standout football star turned college football coach, Michael Bonneville, is taking his skills to new levels coaching businesses to success.

Coach Michael Bonneville is a College Football Coach and Motivational Coach/Speaker with a proven track record in High School/College Football. Bonneville has started several programs, rebuilt a program and won numerous district and state regionals. He recently became an entrepreneur with the opening of his company, JM Marketing & Consulting.

A former local standout student-athlete in Orlando, Florida, Bonneville attended Bethune-Cookman University where he played football and was honored as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Athlete of the Year while pursing his degree in Business. He went on to play professionally in an Arena Football League and Indoor Football League. The passion for football continued as he moved to coaching the sport. He was the head football coach for several Florida high schools building programs from the ground up and in one school, rebuilding a program. He has been awarded titles such as Coach of the Year; as well as, taken teams to undefeated seasons and championship playoffs. He recently completed an internship as a Pro/College Football Video Scout for Sports Info Solutions scouting collegiate athletes who entered the 2021 NFL Draft and his work was published in the 2021 Rookie Handbook. He is currently a coaching at the college level while also coaching businesses to higher levels of success with his new company.

Offense Coach Michael Bonneville with Valley State College players.

Bonneville brings his knowledge of athletics, education, fundraising and business strategies to his new endeavor, JM Marketing & Consulting. He looks at each client’s strengths and weakness to develop a game plan much like he does on the field, that is tailored to them to bring the most results while not taking them away from the passion of their business. Bonneville recognizes the clients are passionate about what their business does, sells, provides NOT the management and growth of that business. He tailors his plans to their strengths allowing them to do what they do best and he’ll take the rest, creating growth within their organization.

Running a business can be much like football, and Bonneville recognizes that and that is how he coaches his clients to success. There are key similarities such as passion, having a Plan B mindset, Identifying Gaps, Social and the structure needed to win.

Business owners need passion, just like players. Football, unlike many other sports, tends to have this unique passion, this internal drive to succeed. This passion is essential to success, whether on the field or in the board room. Bonneville and his partner focus on taking the management, marketing and growth strategies off the business owners plate so they can focus on what they love, what they do best and bring that passion back.

In football there is always a “Plan B” mindset and flexibility. If the 1st down doesn’t go as planned , players and coaches readjust, come up with new strategies and new plans. That is what Coach Bonneville does with clients, give them a new plan, readjust as needed to always hit that target market. The plan, while flexible, is also helping them develop the internal structure needed to build successfully. There is always an end goal in sight, just like with a game. His custom plans help clients identify gaps so they can move forward productively and successfully.

One thing about football anyone will agree to is it’s social. The sport thrives and builds on the connection with fans. Bonneville uses his experience with the sport to coach businesses to this same mentality. Businesses cannot post a random picture on a social media website and expect their business to build. Bonneville creates a detailed plan that helps them to use social media strategies to build connections with customers. These connections drive brand loyalty. In an era where so much of what is done day to day is digital, there can be a disconnect to the human connection. Bonneville and his partner recognize this and help their clients bring back this personal touch; help them engage with customers and potential customers in a way that drives their businesses. He coaches clients through this process much like his coaches a game and is there with them from beginning to end. He takes on each client personally and invests in them. His goals is to invest in people. When you believe in people and invest in people the business growth will follow.

For more information on Coach Michael Bonneville and JM Marketing & Consulting visit:




Other clients represented by JM Marketing include:

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Against All Odds: A Team Full Of Women Bosses Is Taking The Industry By Storm



Against All Odds Music Group was founded by CEO, Anoka Dixon and President, Shakari Davis in 2018. While working in the school system Ms. Davis gained a lot of attention from her students for using music, fashion and entertainment to make the curriculum more entertaining and relatable for the students. Anonka knew the importance of having a solid and hardworking team around her as she used to participate in Women’s Professional Football as a Quarterback and she has recruiting expertise as well. Against All Odds is a label where each individual brings their own unique talents and assets to the team to accomplish the win and any tasks at hand. With Anonkas expertise dominating a male-dominated industry will be easily obtainable and the label will be a force to be reckoned with.

Ms. Dixon knows greatly about giving passion and purpose. She saw it first hand as well as experienced it. She had an immaculate career in 2 Women’s leagues for Football and had the chance to win several awards for her ability. Sadly an injury halted her career and forced her into early retirement. She already had her next plan lined up. Attending Miami Dade College for Music Business Dixon chose to rebrand herself and the label when she met Shakari Davis, becoming executive partners.

Recently one of their artists D’Angel debuted her first ever smash single “Did It Again” Featuring Drumma Boy in late August. They are working hard on her first studio album. D’ Angel is a melodic rapper who is taking the industry by storm. This team is full of female bosses who want to leave an imprint in this male-dominated world and industry and they will!

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Tyler Vanarkel: A Successful Entrepreneur Helping Others Grow



Tyler Vanarkel image from instagram in blue shirt

Tyler Vanarkel is not just a successful entrepreneur but a source of inspiration for anyone struggling to run their business or brand. He has taken full advantage of social media to grow himself and now is on his way to help others grow as well. He is a complete guide, a mentor, and a supporter to his followers who get to learn different marketing strategies from him and are successful in their lives. Tyler is only 23 years old but has achieved the milestones, being a great entrepreneur at this age. 

He is from West Des Moines, Iowa where he went to high school and then later graduated with a business and entrepreneurial degree from the University of Iowa. His main center of attention now is helping thousands of others to increase their social media credibility and build a strong social media image that takes your business to another level of success. He exudes what a true mentor is to be- he lets others copy him and follow his footsteps as a way to a successful future. 

Tyler is a social media marketing expert and wants others to gain expertise in this field too since he believes that increased social media presence and an online earning platform are important to excel in your respective field. However, he knows that gaining attention on social media is not as easy as it seems because the competition is tough and everyone is out there creating content of their type. So to achieve your desired aim, you need to produce something brand new and attractive at the same time that catches the public’s attention to your page on Instagram, Facebook, or any other app you are trying to gain followers on. 

What inspired Tyler to use social media as an earning platform is that he has seen others doing it too. People are making millions out of these social apps like YouTube and Instagram and Tyler is motivated to earn through social media himself along with allowing others to learn these ways and earn too. His business mindset, the right set of skills, and mainly his passion for his work have taken him far, where he can influence others with his social media power. 

He has created a company called Future Online Solutions, where he offers services to the brands helping them to grow further and further. His services include app development, web design, press written about clients, and building up a good profile on apps like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He works and supports people who want to promote their brands for the future. Tyler is also involved in working with real estate and business automation. 

For an effective interaction with the clients, Tyler tries his best to create a comfortable zone for his clients by sending them voice messages and guiding them through phone calls which removes the doubt of scams from the client’s side. He further helps in creating smooth communication with his clients by being as transparent as possible with them and having a personal relationship with the clients. He ensures to provide the clients with all the knowledge that will help them break through the Instagram algorithm and increase their reach to the audience. His clients get to know exactly how he grew as an entrepreneur and by now, many people have already benefited both financially and socially, through his company. 

Tyler’s journey has been hard throughout but he never gives up and tries to overcome all the obstacles coming in his way. Gaining the trust of the clients and proving them your reliability is the biggest challenge, but Tyler puts all his efforts to make his clients comfortable who are left with only the option of trusting him and his company. Tyler further advises other entrepreneurs to take risks and never settle for less. Failing is the only way to succeed and hence, one should go above and beyond to achieve his goals. 

His helpful personality and cooperation with his clients are what make him unique. His entire goal revolves around making others’ lives better by guiding them to the right path where they can become what they have always dreamed of. He plans to travel more and expand his business where can influence more and more people to build a social platform and do whatever they want. His Instagram page will inspire you to the fullest, must check it out @tylervanarkel_

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