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Michael Walding pioneer of e-commerce’s fastest-growing marketplace



Michael Walding is the founder and CEO of NXTLVLServices, a fully automated Amazon management company with over $20 million sold on the e-commerce platform. 

With his business, he has enabled more people and businesses to join in on the profits of Amazon without having to learn a new skill or spend any time on it, ultimately helping them succeed at starting and managing a business. 

A Change in Career 

Michael wasn’t always involved in e-commerce. In fact, during his early 20s, he was a professional bodybuilder. But upon realizing that no one would hire him if he’s seven times a day and training twice a day, he picked up his computer and looked for something to do online. 

“I have done multiple businesses online. Some failed, some were decent, and some are eight-figure businesses now. Eventually, I found my way to Amazon and realized I could run a business for my parents who had recently lost their own business,” he said. 

This venture of Michael’s immediately became successful and grew into an eight-figure business by helping others make money passively online. 

The First on Walmart’s E-Commerce Platform 

Amazon isn’t the only e-commerce platform that Michael offers his services in. NXTLVL is the first ever to offer fully automated “done for you” businesses on the Walmart e-commerce platform. 

“I saw the shift to e-commerce in March when Covid was coming into full force with lockdowns and [I] realized Amazon-owned 50% of all e-commerce sales but asked myself where are the other 50% coming from?” he thought. 

It dawned upon him that the other half was coming from Walmart. Michael pioneered the way for others to make passive income online in the biggest market possible. 

“This was a huge breakthrough that is changing the game with how people create passive income streams by not having to rely on just Amazon. So far this has really paid off for my clients and is a blue ocean of opportunity,” the CEO of NXTLVL said. 

Understanding and Communication is Key 

With the success of NXTLVL, Michael acknowledges that the achievement came from having a quality team that knows how to communicate well and understand each other’s perspectives. 

“Understanding and communication are key to any effective business and team. You need both of them as they are equally important. As a leader you need understanding when dealing with clients or your team, everyone is different and communicates differently as well,” Michael said.  

He added that the leader must be able to communicate well with the team because being ambiguous can cause people to perceive it however they wish which results in a host of issues. 

With a great team and his innovative ideas that are making their way to e-commerce platforms, Michael has really taken things to the next level. 

For more information, visit NXTLVL Services’ website ( or check out Michael Walding on Instagram (@whereiswalding). 

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