That is entitled “When I said I love you during sex I didn’t mean it” a thought provoking tiltle to a song that featuring a enchanting and sultry hook, a reminiscence 90’s style production and Cinematic storytelling within the verses with seem to becoming a lost art form in pass several years.

The exceptional and superb self-produced singles is ready to place in any of your favorite playlists right now and definitely should be place high upon that list, so If you are a fan of Drake and J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar you will definitely want to give this song a listen and keep an eye out for more new song from the incredible Artist.

Especially his break through song “I Was One Orgasm Away From Falling In Love With You All And Then I Woke Up” Midnightview seem to have a thing for extremely long song titles, which if you read that song title again and you are anything like I am then Curiosity Definitely got The Best of Me and pushing play on the song was no longer an option And to my pleasant surprise.

This is another well produced banger, No wonder it sits very high On his spotify Top Songs with over 3 million listens and streams to date, and Midnightview also mention some of today’s hottest artist such as Rihanna, Jhene Aiko, and even the lovely Janet jackson, well Ms Janet Jackson if you are nasty, So between the beautiful “when I said I loved you During sex I didn’t mean” which midnightview rappers “She said when I said I loved you during sex I didn’t mean it, I was having a moment, just give me a moment, I looked her in the eyes and wonder why we only fuck, Whenever we high” and the lyrical courting ” Somebody tell Jhene Aiko
I’ll eat all of her groceries, put my pants on and drive straight to the grocery store, Hashtag make her a sandwich, I got all your favorites I’m About to make you a sandwich” that can be heard on “I Was One Orgasm Away From Falling In Love With You All And Then I Woke Up” it would be hard to not be impressed by the alluring sounds that midnightview has provided for us and if you are like I am I am patiently awaiting his next single.

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