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Mind – Obi Alfred



If you want to know just what R&B music has been up to of late, check in with Obi Alfred and his latest release, Mind, which will bring you bang up to date. In the post-genre world that we find ourselves in, one where the old demarcations and scenes don’t mean anything anymore, all genres have had a great time merging and melding with each other in the name of reinvention.

Mind is the sound of R&B music doing just that. It retains the core, traditional vibe but here, it has been wrapped around a ticking time bomb of a trap-infused beat, has the easy access of a pop-aware songwriter, and wanders on the cutting-edge of where mainstream music goes next.

And it is totally relatable. As Obi Alfred muses and mulls over those issues and questions that raise their head in relationships, as the music slows to reinforce the lyrical message or falls into a rap pattern to help them hit home hard, most of us can say, “Yes, I’ve been there my friend.”

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