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Misty Blanco and Violinist Reina Hondo Records the Moonlight version of Misty Blanco’s hit single “Music Box”



Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar released major hit “Music Box”, February 6th, 2022 and it’s been an international hit as soon as it hit the market for hit new music in 2022. “Music Box”, has been a major success in Japan and China, Oceania, Africa and The United States. Misty Blanco has gained rotation on FM Radios Stations across the world giving her 70 million spins on international radio, “Music Box” has become the new language that means you’re expressing being in your own lane, box, world, or vibe. On September 27th, 2023 Misty Blanco goes into production to remix the record and instead of featuring an artist she decided to feature a musician/Violinist Reina Hondo. Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar is a Theatrical Melodic Bop artist who has been showing over the course of time she is a “Household Name, Public Figure & Influencer”, who is here to stay.

Misty Blanco and her Producer & Engineer Jesus (photos shot by Christina Jones @ayeyotina)

Misty Blanco has had humble beginnings starting from The C-Note Lounge in Detroit, to competing and excelling through 100,000 competitors on hit reality show M.T.V Making The Band 2 with P-Diddy to the final 12. Even though she didn’t make the final 6 Misty Blanco has shown us over the years her grind, determination, focus and ambition can’t matched and she is the mogul she is setting out to be. Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar created the genre of music called “Melodic Bop”, which a musical art mixed with theatrical music, pop, bebop jazz and classical rock. Misty Blanco has released the song “Music Box”, which is a lane of its own across the world. Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar has is a very unique and profound artist who has been creatively set apart like “Kanye West”, and who is considered to be a musical genius in our time for women. Misty Blanco introduces us to the “Moonlight”, version which she said is a phrase she uses instead of “Remix”. In Moonlight Misty Blanco will be rocking over an electric violin with Japanese Violinist Reina Hondo who is from Queens NY, and she has been seen as a upcoming musician with a promising future. Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar discovers the Violinist Reina Hondo and she immediately gets to work with Violinist Reina Hondo for the “Moonlight” version of “Music Box”, set to be released in November 2022. We look forward to hearing the “Moonlight” version of “Music Box”, featuring Reina Hondo, as we will be continually following Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar closely during her musical journey.

For publicity for Misty Blanco & Reina Hondo please contact The Misty TV Firm Corporation via email:

Misty Blanco Instagram IG: @mysterious_mistyblanco
Reina Hondo Instagram IG: @challenges_inlife

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