Do you own a mobility scooter or a wheelchair and are not sure how to maintain it? The truth is that most people feel intimidated by mobility equipment care, but it is a simple task. Easy Pay Mobility give you some simple tips below on how to feel more confident about maintaining and caring for your scooter or wheelchair.

Maintenance is Crucial

Scooters are important if you have problems walking for an extended time. Whether you use a mobility scooter or a manual wheelchair, knowing how to maintain and take care of your equipment is a useful skill. This is because maintaining it will ensure better performance, more reliability, and longevity for the equipment. You would be surprised at how much a little bit of maintenance will go.

1. Read Your Instruction Manual

The best source on how to care for your equipment is your instruction manual, so make sure that you check it for the safe use guidelines and maintenance tips. Follow the tips and guidelines regularly to keep the performance of your scooter at its best for longer.

2. Keep Your Equipment Dry and Clean

It is important to keep certain parts of the wheelchair or mobility scooter dry so that there is no build-up of dust and dirt. You should also store the equipment indoors if possible, or use an undercover when keeping it outside.

3. Keep The Battery Well-charged

If your equipment needs electricity, you will need to charge it regularly to ensure the battery lasts for long. If you leave your battery unused for extended periods, the charge time can reduce. If you cannot charge the equipment as regularly as you would like, purchase a smart charger that tops up the batteries automatically when you leave them plugged in.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Tyres

Make sure that you check tire tread and keep pneumatic tires inflated adequately as they ensure that the scooter rolls smoothly when you are using it. Monitoring your tires is a good way to make sure that they are always in good condition as they determine the performance of your scooter.

5. Deal With Damage Immediately

It is best to get your scooter checked by your repair person if you notice any issues with it. These might be such as strange sounds or difficulties maneuvering the scooter.

6. Regular Servicing Helps

Ensure that you visit your supplier to have them service your equipment as regularly as needed. The supplier should include a log of your service details. The recommended time for servicing your scooter if you use it regularly is every 6-12 months.

Are you planning on taking your scooter out on a trip? If so, getting the scooter serviced before you head out is advisable. Professional service includes the following;

– Checking batteries and the chargers.

– Ensuring that the brakes and steering are safe

– Monitoring the tires and tubes’ conditions

– Making sure all moving parts are intact

– Repairing damage

They should also check for any issues or concerns that you raise.

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