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March 2022 is around the corner with a lot of new promising players in fashion world but chances that you’ve already heard of the beauty label Morreale Paris, at least in the US, have never been so high. The French fragrance company founded by Jean Pierre Morreale keeps rocking the beauty industry and progresses a little more each year towards worldwide recognition. 

Founded in 2017 in Paris, Morreale was introduced to the world when they unveiled the most expensive perfume in the world, « Le Monde sur Mesure » on the popular Vice’s « Most Expensivest » show featuring hip-hop legend 2 Chainz. The gold wrapped and diamond incrusted bottle was privately sold for 1.8 Million dollars, making it the most expensive perfume ever sold on the planet and turning the humble family label into one of the most up and coming company in the fragrance and beauty spaces.  

A well deserved head start that didn’t stop the French label from making more noise as they divulged shortly after their first fragrance consumer line, introducing the perfumes Renaissance and Méridien but also a line of Eaux de Parfum, baptized Héritage and a fragrance discovery set.  All the scents of the company are produced in short batches and handcrafted in France to the very last detail which is one of the reasons Morreale seduces the masses in the US, along with the high quality of their products and sheer beauty of their marketing campaigns.  

Last year, Morreale Paris introduced their new lineup of products including diamond beauty creams and snail face masks, a very promising leather department with state of the art luxury belts, a couture collection which carries everything street from T-Shirts, Hats and Hoodies and even a Jewelry section with gold bracelets and cuffs reminiscent of their most expensive fragrance “Le Monde sur Mesure”. 

It really seems like the French House is doing everything right so far, and they are doing it to the highest European standards which suggests that Morreale Paris is here to stay and will undoubtedly become, if they can maintain this winning streak, one of the most recognized luxury label in the world. 

For now time to go shop their new collection at

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