A lover of anime, art, and music, Mr. Ito is a new artist who has recently developed his artistic abilities and has found comfort in who he is as an individual and as an artist. 

Now, Mr. Ito views himself as the person who did what many were afraid to do–live life according to themselves. He now spreads the love and vision of doing so while he himself builds the life he dreams of. 

Rising Above a Low Point in His Life 

Mr. Ito’s music and artistry wasn’t always a serious endeavor for him. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, he found himself without a job but with a lot of time in his hands to really focus on his craft. 

“I decided that I’d do things differently regardless of what someone else said or thought. I went through a deep depression once COVID-19 started spreading. I kept looking for answers until I eventually settled down and started to hone in on my artistic abilities. And the rest is history from there,” he said. 

He is currently working on a Mr. Ito 2 EP (extended play) as well as some upcoming collabs with other artists. 

Throughout his journey, Mr. Ito has already found success with a continuously growing community of people that love and support him. 

Inspiring Others to Be Who They Want to Be 

As he himself found comfort in discovering who he is and what he does, Mr. Ito hopes to inspire others to live their life according to their own terms. 

“I want to be perceived as the one that did what so many people are too afraid to do. The one that inspired an entire community of people to be comfortable with who they choose to be,” the artist said. 

He added that one of his goals for the coming year is to have a larger community of people following their dreams and goals and to be able to inspire this community. 

To this community, Mr. Ito encourages them to find  what makes them different and run with that. 

“We are usually too focused on being what people think we should be. So we dampen and hide what really makes us unique. Just be your unique self,” he advises. 
For more information, check out Mr. Ito’s website at www.misterito.comor his Instagram account. Also visit his SoundCloud and Spotify accounts to listen to his music.