What started as a mission to increase his social following, turned out to be a venture worth investing. In the digital marketing space, social media is changing the way brands engage with their audience. Murphy Thomas knows the power of social media. He has over 1 million followers and is leveraging his rapidly growing network to help businesses connect with their target audience. But how does a guy, so you manage to create such a following and impact?

Social Media as a key tool to grow your business

Gone are the days of generic advertising. More and more, brands continue to use social media to connect with their customers and have meaningful engagements. Murphy understands well the power of engaging the audience in social media. He has built his large following by continuously adding value to his audience. Every day, there is something new that they can aspire to either educate, inspire, or entertain.

In the same way, Murphy is now helping brands harness their social marketing strategies to generate value for their audience. Murphy has been able to help brands move from zero followers to 10K, and he is just beginning. He believes that brands that embrace authenticity in their messaging are likely to have a better ROI for their marketing campaigns.

It is all about making a difference

Murphy started by challenging himself to get as many followers on his socials as he could. He had something special to share with others and knew the right platforms to start engaging his audience. With the rise of social marketing, Murphy knew that he could leverage his social network to contribute positively to brands that are looking to grow. The beauty of social media is that it helps level the marketing playing field between big businesses and small ones. At his age, Murphy has an influence and brand image that can help others to grow. By seeking to add value to others, Murphy has seen his brand and his customers’ growth from strength to strength.

Community over self-centeredness

Social media connects people to people. Murphy reckons that social media is best used as a one-to-one medium, as opposed to one-to-many. And this is the reason many brands fail to thrive in their digital marketing strategies. While many fall to the trap of promoting their brands, it is those that care about relationships and connections that do better. Murphy is now using his experiences and knowledge to help companies shift their focus on their messaging.

Keeping your head in the game

In most cases, when you look back on your life, it is the struggles that make you who you are today. One thing for sure is that having the grit to persevere through challenges makes you stronger. Murphy’s journey is no different. He has faced many challenges along the way. However, he never loses sight of his goals. Murphy believes that everything has a purpose, and when he faces challenges, he always tries to find a unique way of looking for opportunities to better himself from the situations.

Being active and responsive

Perhaps the biggest contributor to Murphy’s exponential growth in the digital marketing space is his ability to be active and responsive. Murphy is always in-charge of his strategy and execution. There is a stronger feeling of loyalty that develops when a brand keeps in touch with the audience. Businesses need to understand that their brand is not their logos or names. It is about how the audience perceives you. Like Maya Angelou said, ‘people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ Murphy understands that your brand is how people feel about you. He uses social media to make that good feeling, great, not only for his brand but also for his customers.

There is a lot we can learn from Murphy Thomas. For starters, you can achieve anything you self yourself to do. Having a different approach to social media can change everything.

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