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Music Guru Trac Muzik produces for the Houston Rockets



When it comes to being a producer, there is no better feeling than the reward of satisfying your client and yourself! Trac Muzik has a large record of satisfied musical clients such as Jdagr8 or Boosto Suave, Club Godzilla or “BeatKing”, Yungeen Ace and more! Recently Trac Muzik played a big role in a new door opening for producers around the world! The Houston Rockets organization selected Trac Muzik and only 4 others to be named as the first ever music producers for a NBA organization. Without anymore delay, we’re going to get right into the interview and let Trac Muzik speak for himself!

How did you get the name “Trac Muzik”?

My name came about when I was started producing a workload of tracks at home for the art and fun of it. I had a bunch of cousins and nephews that would always rap to my beats and they would mention that I always had fire tracks. So I took the word Track and music and matched them up. Haha”

We saw you were selected as a NBA producer not too long ago, How is it being a producer for the Houston Rockets organization?

It’s pretty dope being a producer for the Houston Rockets. Knowing that this is the first time this was ever done is really special! Also to hear my music in the arena during the games— it’s definitely a great feeling and experience. To be apart of setting a new tone for the NBA is definitely a historic moment.

At what point did you realize being in the music industry was for you?

When I started producing tracks that were better than the music out on radio haha. Most importantly when I started understanding the business side of music as a producer.

What’s your best experience being a producer so far?

My best experience was becoming a producer for the Houston Rockets. I really couldn’t believe it at first. I was selected top 5 producers out of 100. The photo and video shoots, being out on the court with the Rocket players at game time— Definitely an experience i’m cherishing.

Are there any producers in the music industry that inspire or inspired you?

Metro Boomin, DJ Mustard, Kanye West and Just Blaze!! They definitely keep me on a “up” with being professional in the field of producing!

What can we expect from you this year?

Expect more greatness coming from me! Not going to say what’s going on, it’s going to be a blindside. Definitely know that I’m working!

Last question; Any advice for beginner level producers?

Yes, Stay consistent, stay grinding in your field, stay positive mentally. When times are tough, it’s okay to take a break and give yourself some time off to clear your mind. It’s also okay to find a way to generate some income aka find a job. You have t keep learning the music that’s hitting billboard charts. Last, remember anything you create, let it be your best work! Artists, A&R’s and Engineers pay attention to quality!

We appreciate Trac Muzik for stopping by, down below is more information to work with the notable producer! Trac Muzik says that all his upcoming projects will blindside us with greatness! Sounds like he’s off to a great start! Keeping us in the blind until release time means that Trac Muzik will be back soon to tell us more! See you back here for your daily news!

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