There is a new EDM single that is rising in popularity among dance music fans. The track, “Bother Me” , has all the signs of a  hit record in the making as it gains momentum on radio and streaming outlets.  “Bother Me” is the latest original creation  by popular music producer, DJ , and songwriter,  IAMDJDRAKE. The track features vocalist Keeyen Martin delivering impeccable power vocals in his singing performance that rides the electronic dance instrumental of this unique record. The song is creating buzz in its recent launch on streaming outlets and Music Choice. “Bother Me” has the elements to become a Summer smash hit thanks to the solid collaboration between two exceptional artists, showcasing their organic talent and creativity.

Listening to the solid mix and driving beat to this track, it’s clear that this record stands in its own lane as a club-banger that makes you want to dance. As a solid producer in the music industry, IAMDJDRAKE discovered a new sense of creative flow with the making of this exceptional record. Joining forces with R&B singer, Keeyen Martin, together they brought their A-game with great energy and the sound of this record.

“Bother Me” is fire with its solid EDM groove mixed with the soulful vocals of Martin on lead vocals. This record is an example of what happens when you bring together the immense talent of two great artists who find mutual synergy delivering a record that is both refreshing and outstanding in its sound and appeal.

Check out the music video for “Bother Me” here: