Muzic King is a rap artist from sunny California. Los Angeles to be exact. His music has been heard all over the country nationwide and also internationally. His versatile style and aura gains him much attention. This talented artist is not only an amazing rap artist, but he is a producer as well. 9/10 any song you hear of his is self produced. That takes a lot of skill alone. Muzic King also exercises his creative artistry by designing clothing. His clothing designs show somewhat of  a street urban vibe. His talents have got him noticed by many publications. He was featured on We Stay Chill, Vintage Media Group, The Blow Up, Early BBQ, Phase Four Media, Twist Online and many other outlets.

Recently Muzic King was just featured on Worldstar Hip-Hop with his visual for his single “Sa Da Tay”. This is a huge accomplishment for him to continue being seen by new potential fans, but Muzic King has released many other projects that proceed this current drop. His work includes his E.P “Money Power Respect”, “Trapn Ratchet”, “The World Is Mine”, “I Am Music” and much more. He has been putting in work for quite sometime and it shows.

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