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Nadia Shafika, Author and Entrepreneur, Has Officially Announced Her Second Novel, Collided-The-Sequel Tittle, and We Are Excited!



On July 7, Nadia Shafika, the author of Collided, named her second novel, which has been speculated to be a sequel to Collided. For the time being, all we know is the title of her novel, therefore drum roll, please. Somewhere In The Haze is the name of the novel.

During the 45-second Instagram reels of her announcement, the video included Taylor Swift’s album, Midnight’s bonus track “The Great War.” Along with the change in Novel rating, which is now 18+ rather than the prior PG 13.

We can all agree that this is a unique and remarkable style of ‘maybe’ conveying some hints about what the novel will be about.

All of her enthusiastic supporters are now speculating as to how the story will play out.

Collided ended in such a tragic and unexpected way, with both of the main characters entangled in a car collision. Back in March of 2023, the Author presented the opening line of Somewhere In The Haze with an unexpected 6-month time jump, narrated by Gabriella Heralie’s brother, Mathew.

The destiny of the characters remains uncertain, and I guess we’ll just have to wait for the following hints and announcements from the Author herself.

If you’re reading this, Nadia, we need the sequel as soon as possible!

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