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Presently, millennials are looking into entrepreneurship as a viable venture. This is because entrepreneurship not only offers financial freedom but also saves you from the daily 9 to 5 job. However, entrepreneurship is no easy feat. Statistics show that 34% of start-ups fail within the first year. What’s more, entrepreneurship can be a journey full of anxiety and stress when undertaken alone. You have the pressure of marketing your brand and attracting your first clients. That is why having someone to guide you along the way is critical.

Jay Jay is a successful entrepreneur who has managed to scale his business from scratch to a six-figure venture within months. He recently started a program known as JayJay Winners that helps new entrepreneurs turn their passion into profits. We had a chat with Jay Jay to get ideas about this program and what it means for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jay Jay on Starting Jay Jay Winners Mastermind

After successfully starting his own business, Jay Jay noticed that aspiring entrepreneurs have very little mentorship and support when starting a business. He realized that most of the online platforms that promise to help aspiring entrepreneurs mostly play on the ‘lifestyle’ game. Jay Jay reckons that with no support entrepreneurs often get lost and give up before they achieve any real success. He decided to start JayJay Mastermind because he wanted to help new entrepreneurs get on their feet and be able to start making money and scale with a system that works for them.

What is Jay Jay Winners Mastermind about?

Jay Jay Winners Mastermind is the leading online coaching programs for entrepreneurs. The program helps entrepreneurs to develop the skills and capability needed to turn their dream ventures into multi-million dollar realities. Some of the services offered in the program include:

Developing a resilient mindset necessary for entrepreneurship

Daily habits that ultimately lead to success.

Core marketing strategies for success on Instagram and other social media platforms

Practical approaches to developing courage risks.

Jay Jay started the program because he wanted to make sure new entrepreneurs had the support and training they needed in a way that would work for everyone, not just the special 2% of people. Through this program, he helps aspiring entrepreneurs understand how easy it is to lose money on passion if they do not understand what they are doing.

He offers coaching and support that shows the aspiring entrepreneurs how to not only profit from their passion but also turn it into something big.

Jay Jay himself has turned into a powerful influencer in just a short amount of time. In just 9 weeks since he started the program, he has gained 80 new members located in 10 different countries who are now doing great things making money and growing their businessesHe challenges upcoming not to be afraid to ask for help. He notes that ‘it’s easy to think you know everything, but sometimes you just need the support and accountability to actually do it, which is exactly what JayJay Winners is founded on’.

Curious to learn more? Check out his Instagram to learn more

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