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Nashville, TN Artist Kelo Cash New Single & Visual Is A Must Hear



Upcoming artist Kelo Cash born & raised in Nashville, TN has now been growing his name in music now for a few years. With his unique flow & catchy lyrics his fanbase has been growing rapidly so far in 2021. We connected with Kelo to ask him a few questions about what he has going on & his latest release “Designer”.

How is it coming up as a hip hop artist in Nashville?

“When I chose to become an artist, hip hop stuck out to me because we didn’t have a hip hop culture identity in Nashville. I would say it was hard becoming an artist, because there isn’t many mentors and public figures who are willing to be helpful to upcoming artists”


What Inspired You To Write Your New Song “Designer” ?

“What inspired me to write the song designer is the feeling I get behind what I wear. I know that your identity is more than just designer, and I have been blessed to have access to it with the work I do behind the scenes. When you hear this you want more for yourself, because you can have it”.

If you were to grab any major artist for a remix for this song who would it be & why?

“If I were to collaborate with someone on Designer it would be “Money Man”. When I hear his flow he makes me want to go get money. I know that’s how he would make people feel also if he got on my song”

Describe the type of person that can relate to your lyrics in this song?

“When I envision the type of person who can relate to this song, I think of everyone who has been apart of some type of drought. It would be hard for me to describe the person I desire to relate, because I want to influence all demographics. Designer isn’t just about clothing it’s about a hustle so anyone who is grinding can listen, Whatever that hustle is to you”.

What are your plans for this track? (Video, Promotion etc)

“The video content to “Designer” was dropped on June 1, 2021. Thus far it has been premiered on WhatsSleepTV? and been promoted on Instagram. My plans for this track is to keep pushing it to the next level and to continue reaching all platforms”.

What are some things you have coming up here in the near future?

“Hiphop culture has been declining for the past years in Nashville. So, because of that I plan to bring out the true identity of what rap means to me. I’m currently working behind the scenes on my next projects such as; “Up” featuring Kasher Quon. I also plan on working on a few singles and getting some videos pushed behind it. Stay tuned Nashville! “

Where can we find this song?

“Designer can be found on a few various platforms such as; Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The snippet of “Designer” also can be found on my Instagram page @1kelocash (shot by:”

If you are interested in keeping up with Kelo Cash in the future you can follow his instagram & check out the “Designer” visual all linked below!

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At 16, Lindsay Barrz Was Creating Impactful Music That Would Create Buzz Among Friends & Family



“Music is an expression of my feelings and emotions.” Lindsay Barrz, a self-taught hip-hop artist from Northern New Jersey, says. She has been a percussionist since the 4th grade, where she first learned how to keep a beat. Barrz wrote her first song when she was 16 after a wrenching heartbreak, and so, her poetic skills turned into rap skills from that day on. Her first single, ‘The Last Visit,’ created a buzz amongst friends, family, and acquaintances, coming as a surprise and throwing a wrench in the stereotypical cogwheel. 

As Barrz has developed more as a woman, so has she as a spiritually wealthy artist. Once only making music with the best of the talent, she switched up her approach to doing every song and every feature, even if it’s a free one. She would rather network and create lasting relationships than squander an opportunity over money.

Lindsay Barrz has several singles dropping in the next few months. She says that she doesn’t go long without giving her fanbase a new song to enjoy. She has finally settled for music and she is now focusing to take her music to the next level. This has made her organize for a big release of her single “Persona Non Grata,” meaning a character not welcomed, and will be accompanied by its high-budget, official music video.As she concludes, Lindsay Barrz had something for her haters, “I got where I am today by a lot of hard work and perseverance. What really propelled me forward was being a woman in a man’s game. The haters will never know how much they have pushed me to the top.”

YouTube: (Lindsay Barrz)

IG: (@lindsay.barrz) 

FB: (Lindsay Barrz)

SoundCloud: (Lindsay Barrz)

Spotify: (Lindsay Barrz)

Apple Music: (Lindsay Barrz)

Amazon Music: LindsayBarrz

Deezer: Barrz)

iHeart Radio: (Lindsay Barrz)

Tik Tok: (@lindsaybarrz)

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The Best Antivirus Computer software – Avast Ultimate



Yes, you can activate any only some of the bundled goods included in Avast Ultimate(TM) (multi Gadget). But , an Avast Ultimate(TM) (multi Gadget) membership may not be used on even more that 12 gadgets together. You will get a free of charge gift with all the purchase of each member’s package deal. This is considered one of why Avast Ultimate(TM) has been the favourite software of professional professional photographers, internet marketers, and spyware safety fans.

Another advantage of Avast Ultimate(TM) is the fact it works in Windows Vista(TM), Linux, and Mac OS X. This can be another reason why Avast Quintessential is a chosen anti-spyware software. In addition , Avast Ultimate(TM) performs very well on cell phones and PDA’s running upon TFT FLATSCREEN screen. Avast Ultimate as well provides complete protection against malware, spyware, and adware. So , there are many reasons why Avast Ultimate is the avast ultimate best anti-virus program.

The easiest way to protect your computer is to frequently perform virus, malware, and spyware runs with anti virus and anti-spyware programs. However , if your pc has been affected, there are various other steps you can take. For instance, Avast Connect gives you the option to connect to the Internet via a VPN connection, which means you will be protected whether or not your computer is not coupled to the Internet. To achieve this, log onto your Avast website, go to Tools, Network, and after that VPN. On the Services menu, you will see a section for “connect through VPN. ” Click on the button and will also be able to connect to the Internet using a VPN connection just like at the time you were connected to the Internet applying an office mobile.

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The security software For Business – Searching For The very best Program



McAfee for Business provides optimum protection to small businesses by all kinds of dangers. The The security software anti-malware computer software helps you defend your business against viruses, spyware attacks and various other malware problems. It is quite tricky for a virus to enter to a business premise without the authorization or knowledge of the employees concerned. McAfee provides an added level of secureness against such viruses because they build a dedicated fire wall within the network to prevent every one of the possible entries.

The McAfee security programs are highly researched because of the exceptional service that they offer for their customers. These kinds of security courses are extremely significant because of the fact that they keep your business away from the hazards. The main reason intended for the search being excessive is the fact the particular programs are available at an affordable price and also they maintain your business faraway from any kind of damage. A number of secureness programs can be found but not one of them are since effective for the reason that McAfee. So the decision of choosing 1 from one of them should be manufactured with a lot of care.

The search for the McAfee for people who do buiness security application is not going to always be easy since there are several other programs as well that happen to be equally great and successful in their methods to defend your business. But none is as powerful as the McAfee. This security program contains a dedicated firewall built inside it which will helps you to get rid of all the likely threats to your business. It’s very important to understand the several threats to your business as there is always a chance that some kind of a risk could run into. The committed firewall that is included with the The security software for Business will probably be working day and night to prevent all possible malware moves and will be used to protect your details and your computer from virtually any kind of damage and threat.

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