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Nate Pisani The Celebrity Mogul Helping BIG Up-Coming Artist



Nate Pisani Currently lives in Columbus Ohio continuing to want to manage talented artists along with starting a YouTube channel very soon.
Nathan Pisani was born August 4th 1998, Wooster Ohio. Co-Owner of JANI Auto parts inc. & NAPA AUTO PARTS. Investor, Entrepreneur, artist manager of BankRoll614, Kbelite333, Quandot3400. Nate invested into family’s scrap metal business and has made a big name from Instagram on his 900 horse power hellcat, GTR, and Maserati.
Recent ex Steph Pappas, (1.24 million YouTube subscribers) and Nate Pisani went viral last week over a break-up and argument.

Nate this year will be more noticable as he’s focusing on press releases and getting his artist organic streams on Spotify and more. Artist Delevopment and Artist investment is important in today’s time. Without that trustworthy right hand man things won’t move as smoothly. We are all excited to see what Nate and his crew have to perform and offer the world this year and know it will be a success.

Nate Pisani:

Quan Dot:

Bank Roll:

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Nate Pisani with his Artist KBelite333
Nate Pisani and (ex Stephanie Pappas)