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New Book “The Hypocrisy of The Church” by James E. Allen Takes the Nation by Storm



After Serving in the Church at the Highest Levels of Leadership for Almost Forty Years, Pastor James E. Allen Authors a Must-Read Book That’s Reshaping Perceptions and Igniting Change


The literary landscape is ablaze with fervent discussions surrounding the sensational release of the book “The Hypocrisy of The Church” by acclaimed pastor James E. Allen. This provocative work has swiftly ascended to the pinnacle of public discourse, captivating readers nationwide with its gripping narrative and unflinching examination of one of society’s most pervasive issues.

In “The Hypocrisy of The Church,” Pastor Allen unearths the distressing underbelly of religious institutions, delving deep into the prevalent hypocrisy that often lurks beneath the surface. Drawing from his own poignant experiences, Pastor Allen spotlights the harrowing impact hypocrisy can have, not only on the individuals ensnared within its grasp, but also on the very fabric of the institution itself. The book artfully peels away the layers to reveal the stark contrast between outward piety and inner struggles, mirroring the very essence of the term “hypocrite” – a mask-wearing actor on life’s stage.

The story takes a deeply personal turn as the author courageously shares his own journey of facing condemnation and abandonment from the church community after fathering a child outside of his marriage. Through this raw and authentic account, Pastor Allen illuminates the widespread double standards within the church, where judgment is cast even as concealed transgressions fester. The narrative is an emblematic reflection of the broader hypocrisy that has driven countless individuals away from the church’s embrace.

“The Hypocrisy of The Church” is not just a book; it’s a rallying cry for transparency, compassion, and inclusivity. With an unwavering voice, Pastor Allen calls for an end to the corrosive culture of hypocrisy that has marred the church’s reputation, urging it to reclaim its identity as a sanctuary for all who bear the burdens of human frailty.

After seeing so many people hurt and turned off by the hypocrisy of the church, I embraced my assignment to expose the harm that the church is doing to so many people,” Pastor Allen asserts. “This is what birthed the riveting book The Hypocrisy of the Church.

Readers are already buzzing with excitement and introspection as the powerful words of the book resonate deeply within their hearts. One reader, James Jacob from New York, exclaimed, “Allen Leads the Strings! This book put words to where my mind has been about the church in a way that I would’ve had a difficult time on my own. A great reference to see what the actual church is!”

To join the conversation and experience the transformative impact of The Hypocrisy of The Church, order your copy now at Brace yourself for an enthralling, dynamic, and eye-opening journey reshaping perceptions and igniting a movement of positive change within the church and beyond.

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