“Shot Call’a: Gettin Litty with My Friendies” is a hilariously real game that’s turning everyday experiences into ruthlessly revealing conversations and actions during parties. And the people are all here for it!

Newly launched social drinking card game, “Shot Call’a: Gettin Litty with My Friendies” (pronounced: “friend- dees”) has been lighting up parties everywhere lately and making headlines in the Entertainment industry. Many celebrities have peaked interest via social media in the hilariously  addictive social drinking card game! The hilariously real game is getting praised for turning usual experiences into ruthlessly revealing conversations and actions at parties. With the game gaining more and more fame, it seems to be a big hit among party lovers!

Dubbed the ‘Best Social Drinking Game Ever’ by many, Shot Call’a can be played between friends, friend-emies, boos, exes, haters, scrubs, and anything in between. According to the response on social media, the game has been pushing friendships, testing relationships, and having opps running for the door. The game’s potential to go big combined with the team behind working hard, surely means there are big things to come.

CEO and Founder Tony Gunn Jr. has been pushing the game everywhere ever since the launch. During the last few months alone, “Shot Call’a: Gettin Litty with My Friendies” has been part of a number of events. One such example is the company’s recent partnership with Inner Circle Springfield specifically at the Inner Circle Volka Bar in Springfield, MO. Alongside the building’s other major attractions like the BIG ping pong and BIG jenga, a BIG version of the social drinking card game is also available for party lovers to play.

Speaking about the newly launched and highly exciting card game, Tony exclaimed, “We’re super excited with how receptive the audience has been to the game.” Explaining the game for newer audiences, Tony further added, “It’s a social drinking card game with over 100 cards. The deck has several kinds of cards such as experience cards, action cards, misery cards, capping cards, and more.”

According to Tony, the team has worked tirelessly to get the game out and is amazed at the success. The numerous videos and posts on social media where people can be seen enjoying the game at parties only explains how fun Shot Call’a really is. Perhaps, this owes to the simplicity of the game as well.

The rules are straightforward: pull a card, read it out aloud, if it applies to any of the players, they take a drink! But that’s not all, the players also have to tell the story behind taking a drink to that card. The main idea is to keep the stories short and sweet. The fact that the game gets people to open up about hilarious yet real experiences only adds to the tipsy fun.

With that being said, it seems “Shot Call’a: Gettin Litty with My Friendies” is here to stay given how it’s just making parties better. To find out more about the game or to order a deck of your own, visit https://shotcallagames.com.

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