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Troy “Dj Kid Wright” Wright jr born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York. Last stop on the Metro North from Grand Central Station. Born in the early 90’s , 1991 to be exact! Which lead to multiple music influences growing up, from artists like Jay-Z, Nas and 50 cent. Music ran in his family, recording in an professional recording studio at the age of 12 is when then DJ gained the love for music. Since he could remember music was a major part of DJ’s life despite the circumstances. “There’s a song that I could even relate to or identify the feeling I had at the time that song or record was in the radio” DJ said. The connection with music grew and grew leading him to start to write his own music. With his uncle Kenny Palmer (Motv Man) who had been writing the other siblings raps at the time pressed him to write my own raps. With music bringing family together they all collectively recorded music even the youth. With his uncle writing his others siblings music who shared the same age or around the same age, the sound distinctly sounded different. You could tell the difference between the individual behind the pen at the time. Year after year that difference became unrecognizable with the steady practice of writing music. Growing up there had been another focus and another love of DJ’s life, football! DJ started playing football at the age of 8, participating in the flag league. That’s were it began, the passion remained for music as the current love for the sport grew also. After years of commitment in both music and football created a sign of relief, thinking to his-self that it would be possible to play football and create music has always been a question for him. Looking at It in retrospect DJ was only trying to fill the void of my father being incarcerated. “Growing up in a one parent household changed me, changed in ways that only now I would see to be beneficial despite the circumstances.”


“My father served a 27 year prison sentence for murder, which is nearly impossible to successfully do in our day in time. Which is sadly and achievement depending on how you look at it. Overcoming deadly streets of Poughkeepsie was a life time achievement alone. Having 3 Conrad’s who once shared the same block with me daily for more than 5 years passed away either from street violence or police brutality.” After realizing death was hitting close to home it was time for a change, time for a new location. Which lead to DJ meeting Cyffa Leyenda in Virginia Beach. It was a simple connect from engineer VirgillRay linking the two. DJ wanted to link with Cyffa and he was cool with it. From doing the song RICH to now they’ve been cool friends chillin at the oceanfront to the studio. DJ has an album coming out soon called Cuffy Combs and will be grinding hard all 2021 make sure y’all TAP IN this is talent you don’t want to miss!


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