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Nickels Is certainly An Artist To Keep Your Eye On As Michigan



Shane Nickels

The field of art welcomes every talented person with open arms and gives recognition without any discrimination.  Anyone who can express his creative thoughts or emotional experiences is technically considered as an artiste.  Well, people can be multi talented. The reason they are able to master more than one art is solely because of practice and passion. There are people who can actually do multiple things, but are not able to master all because of lack of interest in more than one field.  Shane Nickels known in the world music platform, is one of the notable person who has not limited his creative talent for a single form of art. Shane Nickels is certainly an artist to keep your eye on as Michigan, a city that has been making a lot of new changes when it comes to the growing music scene, is hot and he possesses the raw talent and abilities to make his way to the forefront

More than a Rap Artist Shane Nickels bridges the lyrical gap between rhyme and prose, “This one came a little more naturally to me because it’s more relatable and personal to me. Growing up, I spent a lot of time and energy trying to fit in, when I should have been trying to stand out. And it took me a while to learn that it’s good to be different.” Shane Nickels has a style all his own that will keep bringing you back for more. Stay tuned as there is a ton more coming from him.

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