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Nicolas Korvessis Explodes as a Business Growth Partner for High Level Business Owners



Nicolas Korvessis always knew he wanted to start a business. Beginning in 2018, Korvessis originally planned to start a fitness program when he came across an agent who helped grow his social media. This sparked an interest in Korvessis and he decided to pursue the same interests and eventually maxing out his credit cards in order to launch his advertising business. While also working part-time with a property management company, he was inspired by dropshipping, copywriting, direct response marketing and more on youtube and began to build his online business, eventually growing his own company to multi 6 and 7 figures and enjoying the process. 

Launching a Business

Korvessis is now the founder and CEO of the Scale Lab Group, a strategic growth partner that helps business owners “make more money, boost branding, and have a pipeline of raving fans ready to buy.” Korvessis is passionate about partnership; he facilitates a long-term commitment to his clients while emphasizing communication and transparency. Korvessis doesn’t make absurd guarantees. He prefers to be up-front with his clients, operating with integrity and dedication to their success. They create a plan with long-term growth in mind, nurturing and building a relationship of trust with their clients. He intentionally teaches them how to attract online clients, taking prospective customers and turning them into paying customers. 

His company has partnered with over 200 businesses and managed over 4M in adspend; generating over 10M for his partners. His diversified services offer a plethora of options to clients, offering ad creation and management, hitting growth targets, increased online presence, data analysis, growth consulting, and media promotion. Scale Lab Group offers a playbook that helps clients achieve predictable growth, and is offered to any type and size of business. The playbook is engineered towards specific goals according to each business and is tested until the best option is found. 

Ambition and Drive

Throughout his career, Korvessis has grown in willingness and boldness to take risks; learning from past fears and how to overcome them. He has grown in his skills of operation and leadership, understanding how to delegate, organize, and run his company with confidence and skill. He plans to continue to grow his company exponentially while maintaining integrity and communication with his clients, and expects to soon reach a net worth of multi seven figures a year for the Scale Lab Group. 

When Korvessis is not working, he is spending time with his fiance, and family while prioritizing being present in his relationship and making content. 
For business owners interested in taking their company to the next level, Korvessis and his Scale Lab Group can be found on his website and Instagram.


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