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Nika Moeini Nominated # 1 Online Female Leader of 2020



Mindset and Marketing Coach, Nika Moeini is a mentor to young women that are looking to build successful online businesses focused on mentorship and leadership. She also guides these women through mindset transformation to become better versions of themselves.

Lending A Helping Hand

Nika currently mentors 100+ women and is looking to scale it up to 600 + women by the end of the month. Nika empowers these women by helping them build their online business by launching a virtual franchise of the top luxury hair care company in North America.

Apart from this, Nika helps her students with everything that has to do with building their personal brand, such as growing their following, launching a podcast, and learning the latest marketing methods. Another thing to note is the presence of self-development practices and lessons; Nika’s firm ensures it helps it’s students reframe their sense of self-worth, take away their limiting beliefs and assist them in focusing on attracting all they desire into reality.

Drawing Inspiration

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative and daring. So where did Nika gain inspiration to create her brand?

Well, Nika started The Positivity Boss after her personal struggles with depression, anxiety, and a sense of self-worth that was attached to her achievements. Having graduated college early at 21, winning multiple awards, going to the top-rated graduate school for International Affairs in Canada — it seemed like everything was going well for her, but this wasn’t the case. Nika had fallen into a deep depression in her last year of university.

She had a deep attachment to constantly achieve great things in order to feel worthy or “good enough” and that had become toxic to her mental health, to the point of suicidal thoughts when she felt inadequate. During the summer of 2017, Nika was meant to go to Kampala Uganda to work with an AIDS organization, but instead, she decided to work on herself. She went on a personal and spiritual growth journey at home in Vancouver — she went vegan, lost 40 pounds, adopted healthier habits, connected with her spirituality, and developed a mindset routine.

Nika moved across the country to graduate school and created The Positivity Boss at that time to help other young women find their sense of self-worth and internal happiness, in February 2018. Soon enough, she started making Youtube videos in a tiny townhouse bedroom with 3 mean roommates — sharing positivity and documenting her own personal growth became her way of self-expression and release.

She also started the Young & Ambitious podcast at the same time, to feature other young entrepreneurs and their self-development journeys.

Achieving Success

In light of this topic, Nika explains that success is a long term game. It means showing up consistently even though everything seems to be falling apart. She shares that people always ask how she’s grown such a large following. All she’s done is to simply show up day in and day out for 2 years.

Yes, It’s not always easy to be consistent, it’s something you need to build into the very character of who you are as a person. There were days where Nika felt too busy with school, too discouraged by my roommates, too lonely and unsupported. Nika was able to surpass all of these by training her mindset to push through whatever obstacle she would face.

“ Who is going to miss out if you don’t show up? Who is out there waiting for you to rise up and share your gifts, that will miss out if you don’t rise to your full potential? That’s the question you need to ask yourself daily that will kill procrastination and fear and get you on the path to your highest potential.” — Nika Shares.

Seeking Growth

In order to truly grow in any area of your life, Nika suggests that you find a mentor, get a blueprint, and execute. You’ll need to find someone who has achieved success in the particular field you’re interested in and ask them how they did it.

You should also be coachable. This will help you listen to what they have to say and implement it. “Your notes are your uncashed cheques.”

Don’t be the person that keeps learning but never puts what they learned to use. Take massive action, now.

Nika was recently recognized as top-five lists on yahoo finance of inspiring entrepreneurs to follow in 2020. An amazing achievement at such a young age which inspires many to chase after their dreams and take massive action.

The future is bright for this female entrepreneur as she leads the path to her followers strong!

Nika Instagram

Nika Facebook Group

Nika Youtube

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Social Media as a business platform in 2021?



In 2020 one thing that has been proven is that having a regular 9-5 is not good enough to have a happy and sustainable lifestyle. So what is the right path to take in 2021 to secure your future?

Starting a Business

The only true way to “secure” your future is to be the person that’s building it. You can’t expect to be in control of your own future if you are not in control of your life, and the only way to do so is to be your own boss!

Starting your own business, becoming an Entrepreneur, more and more seems like the ONLY right way to generate income! Yes, it is hard, and yeah you will fail many times, but you are the one in control! If you want to earn more, that is up to you, if you need a 2 month break that is up to you!

Types of Businesses

Through my career as an entrepreneur I have seen 3 main business models!

1) Health/Fitness
Maybe you are an expert in certain topics on health or fitness, or maybe you are just a health/fitness enthusiast, but believe it or not no matter which one of the two you are, you can build a sustainable and successful business! I have seen online fitness trainers making anywhere between 6 to 8 figures, these people can either run their own programs on their time, while making. 6-8 figures OR they can work for a gym and make 30k/year. That is up to them and it is up to you.

2) Products/Services
Do you have a passion for making jewelry or T-Shirts, or do you absolutely love running ads on Facebook and YouTube? Why not turn that into a career? Instead of working at your regular 9-5 job, you can spend your days designing your product and posting it online so that other people who enjoy it can purchase it for themselves, or maybe you can use your passion for something to provide services to someone who needs a person just like you! If you ask me this sounds much better than mopping the floor or lifting boxes and making sandwiches for a big corporation!

3) Coaching/Mentoring
What if you are an expert in a certain field, or you know something that not many others do? Do you know that there are people out there who would pay for you to teach them? You can share your knowledge with the world and get paid for knowing something that you love. There are tons of people making great money making courses, holding online classes or mentoring others to do what they love, and you can do the same!

Social Media?

Now you may be thinking to yourself: “I know how to cook, but how do I find people who are interested in learning from me?” or “Oh man, I have been making butterfly rings for ages, how do I actually find people who would pay for them?”

So I know that you have by now heard of these social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but how is that of any use to you if you are just wanting to start your business?

Did you know that there are approximately 500 million users on Instagram alone EVERY SINGLE DAY.
So why should you be on social media as a business owner? Because you have a huge audience to expose your business to. It’s not the people’s responsibility to see you, it is your responsibility to make sure that you present yourself to them, and there is no easier way to do it then going on to the most populated platforms in the world like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok!

If you are interested in learning more about using social media for business you can message me on instagram @thisismarkofilipovic or you can send an email to:


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30 under 30

Sakariye Abdi, changing the lead generation systems for E-Com Stores



Who is Sakariye?

Sakariye Abdi is an e-com store consultant from Finland. Ever since a young age Sakariye learned discipline, precision and to appreciate the people around him trough his experience in martial arts and soccer. This young entrepreneurs main goal is not only to make sales and land clients, but to actually build long term connections with people he meets along the way! Sakariye has started his online agency in 2020 at the start of the pandemic with the goal to help people who run their online stores get the success and freedom that everyone is advertising.

Changing the game!

At the age of 24 Sakariye and his team have helped 100s of e-com stores all over the world to become successful, however he did not use the methodical tactics like everyone else. Sakariye has helped all of these people using his own systems and his own unique strategies. This entrepreneur just doesn’t believe in the systematic ways, he believes that as the world is changing we should change the strategies we are using, because if we use the same strategy we won’t go further we will just stay at the same place.

Sakariye’s message to young Entrepreneurs:

When we asked this entrepreneur for the Number One advice he would give to the young entrepreneurs it was this: “You should always focus on progress over perfection. It is much better if you improve by 1% every day, then if you try to be perfect and never actually move forward”

Get connected

If you want to get in touch with this astounding young entrepreneur or get a chance to work with him, you can do so trough his instagram page.

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