Noah Banks is a boxing manager as well as an ambassador of a nonprofit organization known as “Your Own Uniqueness”. This organization is set out on a mission to help the kids of Metro Detroit who do not have access to certain resources in learning how to jumpstart their own business. The organization is giving kids a positive and more successful outlook as well as helping them see an opportunity to better themselves and the community. Noah started his career merely through networking and reaching out to others. He attended the University of Kentucky and was utilizing his networking skills while in school.

It was there that he reached out to Local Sports Managers and stumbled across Brad Snyder who has mentored him and has helped to shape Noah into the professional he is today. Noah has 1 boxer that he is currently working with as far as management with more soon to come, but his skills do not only stop at managing. He has also been an extra in the hit movie Wonder Woman 2, has been interviewed on the news multiple times and is also a production assistant at the MLB network. He is humble, dedicated and an extremely hard worker. He is set out to not only impact his own life, but those around him. Each day is about growth and expansion for his brand. Noah even has his own podcast in the works called “Run It”.  It’s safe to say Noah Banks is a name that will soon ring bells as he continues to thrive in his industry and be a positive key figure within his community.