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Oregon Rapper NORD Closes In on One Million Instagram Followers



In just under two years since the initial pursuit of his professional music career, Oregon native rapper and artist NORD has nearly achieved the milestone of one-million followers on his official Instagram profile. Over ten-thousand new fans per day have been flocking to the impressive youth’s personality and sense of fashion, both of which the influencer-musician uses his page as a means to showcase frequently. Ever since adolescence, Carter Davis, NORD’s birth name, knew he would be a favorable talent in the context of music composition. From humming melodies and forming sentence structures at the early age of just six-years-old, to growing up into the responsibility of self-sufficiency and diligent work, NORD would quickly understand the importance of his own role in the work he would need to put into learning and practicing his skills as an aspiring independent personality in the music scene.

Outside of Instagram, NORD is notable for his collaborations as a songwriter for the world’s most popular Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B musicians. As it currently stands, nine songs that the Oregon artist and rapper is attributed for his contributions towards are RIAA Gold and Platinum Certified, and have charted highly on the Billboard Hot 100 USA Chart over twenty-four individual times. Additionally, his six original singles in which he recorded in his self-built home studio have a combined listen count of more than twenty-million across Spotify and Apple Music.

NORD is a true inspiration for those from all backgrounds; regardless of age, gender, race – you can achieve your aspirations if you put in the work. While success may not happen overnight, as was the case for Carter’s journey, a lasting sense of diligence and determination will create cumulative progress that makes victory over time.

NORD is often noted for his sense of fashion and lifestyle on social media, gaining over five hundred thousand followers on his Instagram profile. NORD’s artist career accomplishments have been recognized in high-tier media outlets such as Disrupt Magazine etc.

Since childhood, NORD has displayed a passion for technology and digital media creation. Throughout middle school and high school, he continued to refine talents that would eventually serve him well in his music career by creating YouTube videos of gaming commentary.

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